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Topic: kontact player 2/sibelius

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    kontact player 2/sibelius

    i have a problem in sibelius 6.1 to select the player kontact2 on the play device menu.
    it appears but i can't select!!?? neither activate...
    nevertheless it works with finale 2007.
    is someone have a solution please?

    thank you
    macbookpro/osx snow leopard

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    Re: kontact player 2/sibelius

    You can't modify the default playback configurations. You MUST create a NEW playback configuration. Then you can add it.

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    Re: kontact player 2/sibelius

    thank you craig, i will see...

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    Re: kontact player 2/sibelius

    it works!!!!

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    Re: kontact player 2/sibelius

    Hi, I'm having a similar problem - sorry to be dim but how do you create a new playback configuration?

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