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Topic: Drum library suggestions...

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    Drum library suggestions...

    Hey everyone. I\'m a new Gigasampler user and I am beginning to put together my sound library. I initially purchased GS to serve as a sound module for drums and bass, the two instruments that I find it difficult to get to sound realistic using a standard synth. Other than those, I can live with the sample waveforms in my Alesis QS8.1, though I\'m sure that most of you cringe at the thought of that! I\'m sequencing with Cubase. After initial research, there seem to be a large number of drum sample libraries available. I am recording mostly modern rock and jazz/rock type music and was wondering if anyone can suggest a good, well rounded drum library that has multiple-sampled velocity dynamics, multiple room ambiences, etc. I have been looking at the GS Bob Clearmountain Drums II library and the Ross Garfield Drum Doctor\'s Drums 2 library, but I\'m open to suggestion. To give you an idea of the type of drum sound I really like, listen to Carter Beauford\'s (Dave Matthews Band) drum sound, particularly on the Listener Supported Live CD. Tight bass drum, snappy snare and nicely tuned toms. Good, long cymbal samples are important too. Thanks for any suggestions anyone can make!

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    Re: Drum library suggestions...

    Thanks, Doug. Yes, I had seen this library before and Studio Cat hypes them pretty good. However, I was waiting to see if they came out with anymore demos of them before considering them. They just have the one rather uninspired demo on their Web site (is this a joke?) which doesn\'t do a very good job of highlighting the drums or the quality of the library. Do you know of any other demos for the Purrrfect Drums?


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    Re: Drum library suggestions...

    Take a look at sonic implants´ one. It´s got everything you asked for, and is downloadable online by drumkits individually.

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    Re: Drum library suggestions...

    I use the Sonic Implants library of drums. They are not bad at all, especially at the price. I wish they had more different levels of velocity though. It would appear most drums only have 2-3 levels.

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    Re: Drum library suggestions...

    Thanks for the tip on the Sonic Implants Drum libaries. I wasn\'t aware of them. I checked out their demos and they sound great! I like the fact that I can buy the library as downloadable pieces a little at a time. I wish other libary makers would do this, too. It makes it possible to purchase with more confidence. Thanks again, for the tip!

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    Re: Drum library suggestions...

    Check out Purrfect Drums at Studiocat.com. They have received wonderful reviews for their realism and flexibility.


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