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Topic: string example

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    string example

    Ok here is quick string example....I didn\'t have much time but it\'s pretty good I think.

    Just curious to know two things.....

    a. what sounds good/realistic?

    b. what doesn\'t sound good /realistic?



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    Re: string example

    Nice job Donnie.

    I\'m just getting into sampling (expecting my Gigastudio system to arrive late next week) so perhaps others will be able to listen with more critical ears, but I thought it was great. I liked the arrangement; kind of reminded me of some of the moody Coplandesque cues from \"The Shawshank Redemption\".

    Just curious... what library did you use?

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    Re: string example

    \"Adagio\" from Barber... what a great example for a great piece. For me the sound of the strings are very realistic. I think you are using the new gigastring from gary, because I believe you can\'t create some emulation of this kind with AO or miroslav.

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    Re: string example

    Damn good Donnie.

    Is that layering the new ensemble patches form DD on top of other strings (I\'m pretty anxious to hear those)? What reverb. The whole thing has a nice warmth...at some points too much for me...it might be the mp3 tho some of it sounds filtered....but still REALLY REALLY good...it might be that I\'m looking for something and not just listening ya know? PLus alot of it is soft playing.

    freakin drummers....they aren\'t supposed to know anything about music

    EDIT- the warmth comment above is just a preference of my own I like to here a little more bow in the louder parts... I don\'t think that affects how realistic the piece sounds tho. ITs pretty darned tootin\'

    now the drummer comment....thats just habit from being a guitar player! ;P
    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: string example

    Stunning! Beautiful. If I had heard that on the radio I\'d never have guessed in a million years it was sampled; it was so expressive - a credit to your skills. (This is where we get to the bit where I confess to being a beginner at \'smoking out the samples\'). But I don\'t give a monkey\'s. When I listened to that MP3 I could \'see\' the orchestra.

    I\'ve been reading a lot of posts here lately. I\'m a (former) guitarist who\'s just discovered the Ztar and therefore, at last, actually has a chance to \'play\' midi beyond the pitch-to-voltage paradigms.

    I\'ve been amused by a lot of the hysterical \'goings on\' regarding the new \'giga\' strings. But it isn\'t a Coke versus Pepsi test. There\'s a lot of \"Hey, I studied at the Moscow Conservatoire, therefore my ears are too finely-honed to be fooled!\" spoiling what should be a cause for nothing but rejoice. I\'ve dreamed of playing other \'instruments\' on the guitar for more than twenty years and the Ztar now offers me that possibility.

    I recently purchased a Korg Oasys card (which was quite nice) for the physical models but returned it \'toot sweet\' when I came across the gigasampler. (Yes, I know, I\'m having that \'giga\' rush). I don\'t expect to be able to play something even approaching that level of expression, but it\'s great to know that it can be done.

    I just wanted to thank you for demonstrating what\'s possible with hard work and talent. (and yes, incidentally, I did study at a \'conservatoire\' for five years many moons ago. And while I could dream of what I heard in your MP3, I had to make do with a Yamaha CX5 (at least that\'s what I think it was called - the gigasampler of its day.)

    I\'m in the market for some strings. Whatever it was that you used; I want them! It was a superb piece of advertising for the product, I\'m almost ready to call 1-800 and sign up right now.

    You conducted that orchestra beautifully. Let\'s hear some more.

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    Re: string example

    Very nice... could be the \"real\" thing. Is it a joke?

    If not, I am very impressed with the dynamic \"breath\" of the strings - it has lots of emotions and suspense.

    If this is sampled - we have gone very far.

    Interesting thread!

    Lets hear: what is this?


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    Re: string example

    Same as Scarbee here. If those are sampled strings we have reached our goal. However, I don\'t feel too confident honoring you quite yet, Donnie Tell us, is this a joke or is it actually a sequenced piece with samples from Gary\'s string library? All previous sequences I\'ve heard by you have been quantized. This clearly isn\'t... Smells fishy

    Anyway if that is your creation, I salute you.


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    Re: string example

    i can\'t download the song.the link is broken?

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    Re: string example

    Donnie, nice try... but this is a real recording.... So I am sure you didn\'t need that much time to \'do it\'

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    Re: string example

    Donnie you are so FOS!!
    There\'s NO WAY that is sampled!

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