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Topic: "ANNOUNCEMENT" from Bardstown Audio!

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    \"ANNOUNCEMENT\" from Bardstown Audio!

    Bardstown Audio has just upgraded their web site, which includes ordering information and MP3 demos.

    Bardstown Audio has two new instrument libraries available for sale in Giga format....\"Classic Accordions\" and \"Vintage Guitars and Tenor Banjos\"

    Upcoming in the near future from Bardstown Audio are three \"Concert Grand Pianos\" in Giga format...Steinway Model D, which will be available in a few weeks, Bosendorfer Imperal, which will be available a few weeks after the release of the Steinway Model D, and Baldwin SD10 following the release of the Bosendorfer Imperial.

    All of these instrument libraries are available for sale from www.bardstownaudio.com

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    Re: \"ANNOUNCEMENT\" from Bardstown Audio!

    Sorry for the mispelled word...

    Imperial, not Imperal

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    Re: \"ANNOUNCEMENT\" from Bardstown Audio!

    I would like to make a personal comment about the demo tunes of the sampled accordions, acoustic and electric archtop guitars, and tenor banjos, which are on our web site..... www.bardstownaudio.com

    All instruments in the demo tunes are \"straight out of the box\" samples from the \"Classic Accordions\" and \"Vintage Guitars and Tenor Banjos,\" with no added effects, EQ, compression, nor processing of any kind, other than a little added reverb to the mix.

    The sampled bass used on the demo tunes is the \"Dan Dean\" acoustic bass, which is truly a wonderful bass.


    Bardstown Audio

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