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Topic: CdExtract vs Translator vs Roland

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    CdExtract vs Translator vs Roland

    Ran a little test today. Downloaded demo versions of CD extract and Translator.
    compared Roland extractions with Roland760.

    Don\'t sell your Roland units just yet.
    Neither program could beat the original sound through a roland. Even though both claim to have the original de-emphasis code.

    We tested a flute sound from the roland orchestral disks. Both programs produced a low rumbling sound when played back through Gigastudio. Translator was the best of the two programs even though it took a minute to figure out it\'s interface.

    The Roland unit still was unquestionably the best. Once you hear how it is supposed to sound you will never settle for less.

    In addition to adding the low rumbling,
    neither program got the attacks and decay exactly right. Oh well, Time to buy a rack of 5080\"s.

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    Re: CdExtract vs Translator vs Roland

    What do you think is the cause of the imperfect translation?


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    Re: CdExtract vs Translator vs Roland

    Well If both companies are actually licensing
    the the de-emphasis technology the only variable left is the hardware itself.
    The chip in the Roland 760 and 5080 must somehow contribute to the sound.
    Anybody else want to sound off?

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    Re: CdExtract vs Translator vs Roland

    I have translated my Roland Archive Series with both programs CdXtract and translator to use in gigastudio,I have found many errors in the process. Of course I prefer to use my Roland discs from my XV5080.

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    Re: CdExtract vs Translator vs Roland

    Muzikworks: what is the exact name of the patch (or patches) that you tested - I\'d like to check it out as well, and perhaps comment on the why\'s or how\'s, and even tweak our program to get closer or even get the translation perfect. We have the whole Roland series, so no need to even send a file.

    (Interestingly, I believe the 5080 is NOT designed with deemphasis, and there is a seperate process you need to run each sound through to achieve it. Don\'t quote me on this - I\'m not able to verify this at this moment. See Page 192 of the 5080 manual - it\'s a little vague.)

    Garth Hjelte
    Chicken Systems Customer Support
    Home of \"Translator\"

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    Re: CdExtract vs Translator vs Roland

    Don\'t remember the exact sound.
    It was a solo flute from the orchestral series. Actually we tried several patches (flute)from that series. As the demo version would only allow the first patch off the disk
    to be imported. I do remember it being a layered, Stereo patch.
    We tried the same sound in both a 760 and 5080. The result was virtually identicalwhen from thew respective Roland units

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