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Topic: Giga-Ready Asian Sample Libs or HofAsia-Akai?

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    Giga-Ready Asian Sample Libs or HofAsia-Akai?

    Has anyone run across a good \"Giga ready\" sample library for Asian/ethno instruments (I esp need some Indian instruments & vox)? The \"Heart of Asia\" from Spectrasonics seems good but it\'s only in Akai (and it\'s hard to find).

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    Re: Giga-Ready Asian Sample Libs or HofAsia-Akai?

    Thanks. I\'m kind of surprised at the lack of sitars & shakuhachi\'s. The only thing I can think is that sample-creators must think since synths have been doing good sitar & shaku sounds for years, they don\'t need to actually sample one?

    To me it seems kind of odd that the \"Ethno World Giga\" library (which seems great) would skip a sitar and shakuhachi, when they\'ve been on hit records from the 60\'s (Beatles) thru 80\'s (Gabriel) and beyond.

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    Re: Giga-Ready Asian Sample Libs or HofAsia-Akai?

    Ethno World is an okay library. To much percussion IMO other then instruments and I\'m not crazy about the multisampled drum selection either. I much prefer HOA. I think all I ever use Ethno World for is the chickeneggs and rainmakers.
    Just my 2 cents.

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    Re: Giga-Ready Asian Sample Libs or HofAsia-Akai?

    Yah EhtnoWorld has a lot of stuff I wouldn\'t \"got to\" first, but I do like the Snares and the world drums. There are enough samples in them to make some good performances...but they have to be programmed out well. Also some of the long decays really KILL poly

    As for Shakus, I agree, we need some really good samples of these. There are a couple of Bamboo fluted on Ethno World, but they aren\'t all that good...even the staccatto hits dont have the best \"chiff\" sound

    I\'ve been using the Shaku sounds on the World Expansion board for Roland JV/XP mods/synths and it sorks, but it is in NO WAY close to having a good sampled version....

    HoA has some Sitar Patches. Some Phrases and some glisses as well as multisampled.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Giga-Ready Asian Sample Libs or HofAsia-Akai?

    There are some Indian soundfonts out there for free. Search for the free soundfont sites like Hammer.


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    Re: Giga-Ready Asian Sample Libs or HofAsia-Akai?

    Zero-G may soon release \"Deepest India\" in Gig format, which is very nicely done. It\'s probably worth checking with them or their us distributor (soundsonline)to see when it will be shipping.

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    Re: Giga-Ready Asian Sample Libs or HofAsia-Akai?

    Quantum Leap Rare Instruments is Giga Ready and has some Asian Instruments.

    HoA can be found at www.ilio.com

    I picked it up and am pretty satisfied with it. I\'m a bit spoiled by GigaSampler sized libraries, but This one does the trick if you aren\'t looking for the most ULTRA real/expressive patches. You can build some \"sortof\" expressive patches out of the velocity switched instruments, and the phrases are interchangeable so you can vcut together a cool solo (maybe not whats in your head, but one that works). There aren\'t any Taikos in HoA, you\'ll need QL Rare Instruments for those. And NO ONE has a good Shakuhatchi

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Giga-Ready Asian Sample Libs or HofAsia-Akai?

    Thanks for everyone\'s advice. I think I may just do the Soundfont conversion until the Deepest India Giga is out to compare to the Heart of Asia (although HofA has quite a bit more I imagine).

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