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Topic: Finale 2008 & JABB 3

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    Finale 2008 & JABB 3

    I can't seem to get Finale 2008 to recognize my JABB 3 with the Aria sample player! Is Aria player not compatible with Finale 2008? If it is I'm going to go back to using Kontakt 2 player or maybe even Kontakt 1!

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    Re: Finale 2008 & JABB 3

    You are correct that Finale 2008 does not support the Aria player. Support for Aria doesn't start until Finale 2009 so you'd have to upgrade Finale.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Finale 2008 & JABB 3

    Well, I went back to using JABB Kontakt 2 player with Finale 2008 and it's not working correctly! If I use the set wizzard to set up instruments the instruments samples don't get loaded and if I load them manually they don't play at all. What's the deal? The instruments that ship with Finale 2008 only play if I use the GM Softsynth!

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