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Topic: DD String + XSample v5 or UStrings or AO strings?

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    Re: DD String + XSample v5 or UStrings or AO strings?

    There are four libraries should consider.

    Miroslav Vitous has solo and ensemble strings but on scattered about on three different discs so you\'d have to buy them seperately. They are pricy and IMHO not worth it.

    Kirk Hunter\'s Strings offer only ensembles (but they are very nice and I use them almost exclusively nowadays) definitely my pick.

    Advanced Orchestra is the cheapest alternative. With compromise on quality. Some tend to like them, others don\'t. I don\'t.

    Dan Dean\'s strings has solo strings only. The demos sound very good. People on this forum have positive experience with this library. I don\'t own it yet.

    Ultimate Strings is a cheap and ok library. No solo strings though. Frankly I find it best suited for fast passages. The sustains sound quite similar to those in AO. Great marcato patches and some nice tremolos. Some poor looping in the violas sustain patch but that can be fixed.

    Synclavier Strings is old and thus not too good. Stay away from that one. Poor sample quality, few articulations. It\'s a no-goer.

    I always advice people with budgets like you to get AO. You get loads of stuff to play around with for the price, and the quality of the recordings are quite good.

    Or you could wait for G.O.S (Garritan\'s Orchestral Strings). Sounds great. Have a look at www.gigastrings.com


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    Re: DD String + XSample v5 or UStrings or AO strings?

    Thanks for the comments, my budget is about $300 tops so, that would virtually exclude the great sounding Kirk Hunter, Garritan or the full AO set. When you recommended AO, you did mean the strings set correct rather than the full set at $800?

    Thanks again.

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    Re: DD String + XSample v5 or UStrings or AO strings?

    I think you would need both Advanced Orchestra Vol.1 and Vol.2 in order to get both solo strings and ensembles. The sad truth is that you won\'t get very far with only $300 at hand. It all depends on what you need. If your preference is ensembles, then save up for the kirk hunter library, or Gigastrings. That\'s the best advice I can give you


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    Re: DD String + XSample v5 or UStrings or AO strings?

    > When you recommended AO, you
    > did mean the strings set

    The AO string volume has only a striped down version of their solo strings.

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    Re: DD String + XSample v5 or UStrings or AO strings?

    I thought this might help you.

    I own this CD and I am happy that I do.
    I also have KHunter. They blend well

    \"Overall Ultimate Strings is a solid effort, aimed at the mid to high-end orchestral sample market. There is an abundance of legato string patches that seem to be squarely designed for use with slow moving melodies and progressions. This is a good thing if you\'re creating orchestral arrangements that must employ their use, and those of you who are looking for quick bouncy string patches will likely find what you\'re looking for here, since there are quite a few to choose from as well. The combined Violin, Viola and Cello ensembles are of exceptional quality and are highly useable, with the straight-ahead group violin, viola and cello samples being of similar quality, likewise for the arco strings. The pizzicato, and string tremolo patches however are probably the best and most useable aspects of Ultimate Strings. Ultimate Strings is a good starter disc if you can\'t quite afford the string ensemble libraries by Miroslav or the Virtuoso Series by Kirk Hunter. If you already own the Miroslav and Kirk Hunter libraries, you can still probably find some samples on Ultimate Strings quite useable, even when used in combination with the previously mentioned high end libraries. Those of you who have used Miroslav String Ensembles or the Kirk Hunter string library might be slightly disappointed in Ultimate Strings as some of the string ensembles contained (specifically the ensemble Violin and Cello patches) sound flat and thin by comparison. Do keep in mind however that the Miroslav and Kirk Hunter libraries are almost double the price of Ultimate Strings and the Kirk Hunter library is one of the latest entries into the high end orchestral string sample market. It basically comes down to this: If you\'ve got the money for Miroslav or Kirk Hunter, get them. If not, Ultimate Strings is a good all in one package of exceptional quality and pricing that\'ll get you off to a good start and give you a healthy dose of professional sounding string samples that you can put to convincing use right away. Even if you do own the previously mentioned libraries already, you\'ll want to give Ultimate Strings a closer look.\"

    Francis Belardino
    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.

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    DD String + XSample v5 or UStrings or AO strings?

    I know there\'s been discussion about the various strings in past posts, and I\'ve sifted through the archives only to get mixed comments .

    I\'m on a limited budget and am looking for good combined/orchestral strings as well as nice solo ones, good pizzicatos and other misc. sounds would definitely be more than welcome. With my budget I\'m considering either a package of DD strings plus Xsample v5, or one of the pricier Ultimate Strings or AO strings. Any suggestions?


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