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Topic: PRV-view - question to "SONAR masters"

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    PRV-view - question to "SONAR masters"

    SONAR 8.5.3. Prod.....

    PRV on a track. I inherited from older sources a midi file with lots and lots of GPO controls on all possible channels, e.g. CC1 on channel 1 as well as on channel 6, CC64 on channels 1,2 and 5, etc.... To streamline things I'd set all those controls with Interpolation function on the channel I gave assigning that instrument to ARIA player.

    Let us say that everything, including the notes has channel 2. I checked that in the Event view, and indeed everything is there on channel 2. Later I deleted all CC64's because they weren't at the right place and it seemed easier to draw them again instead of editing. Again the event list didn't show any CC64 anymore.

    And now .....

    When working in PRV at the track and clicking on the area where you see the pencil, a popup window comes showing me all sorts of CC's on various channels, as if I didn't do that editing. Even the CC64 is there, while I checked and double-checked in the Event list.

    How on earth is this possible and where does it come from. The Event list doesn't show those events and channels, everything is on CH.2, while here it seems .... yes, what?

    [that's why the other thread isn't cooked up, Randy. I have to sort this out first]

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    Re: PRV-view - question to "SONAR masters"

    It can get very confusing when dealing with some MIDI tracks. Recently there was a thread at Sonar on this issue of how in the main PRV, there can be so many lanes of data that the view is too cramped to see anything. When you take a closer look, some lanes will be totally blank. You can close all of the ones you don't want to see, leaving just the few you're actually wanting to work with. BUT if you leave the PRV and come back, all of the tracks will be visible again, even the empty ones. - It's a problem.

    But here's something you may not know. In the Event List View, the 4th button from the right is "Show Cropped." When you click that, you're likely to get many more things listed. Those pieces of data are on sections of a track you thought you deleted, or you got out of view by collapsing the track down. When we cut from a track or narrow it down, the data won't be used in the project, but it's still there. We can be totally unaware that it's still actually lurking. But by clicking Show Cropped in the Event List - all that hidden data can be revealed and edited out.


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    Re: PRV-view - question to "SONAR masters"

    You opened my eyes. I now have a better view of the Event List. What ever I do, I can't get those controls with channel 1 (or else) set to channel 2, apart from doing them one by one by hand.

    I can select them, but I can't delete them in one go, nor can I change them in one go with the Interpolate function.


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    Re: PRV-view - question to "SONAR masters"

    Two things:

    --When you have a MIDI track that has data on several different MIDI channels, you don't need to do any editing to get them all on the same channel.

    In Sonar, there is a header to the left of every track. That's where you direct in the In and Out for the track, and other info.

    Instead of "none" for MIDI Channel, set it to the appropriate channel. That forces all data in that track to then be out put on only that one channel, so it can control the instrument you want.

    BUT if you want things tidy in PRV, you will still see all of those different channels listed because you haven't done any destructive editing to the track. You have merely programmed Sonar to play all that data on only one channel.

    Usually people are happy to simply do that - specify a channel. Then it makes no difference what channel things have been recorded on.

    SECOND - Using Interpolate Can change the channel for everything if you want it to. I just now double checked myself to make sure I have this right. You must be doing something incorrectly, since we can see in your screen shot that you still have several different channels displayed in the Event List View.

    Interpolate steps for changing everything to one channel:

    --Select the track.
    --Open Interpolate.
    --On the first screen, CHANGE NOTHING. Click OK.
    --On the second screen ("Event Filter - Replace") under "All Non-Special Events" change BOTH Minimum and Maximum to the one channel you want everything to be changed to.
    --Click OK.
    --Notes and all data will now have been changed to the one channel you selected.


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    Re: PRV-view - question to "SONAR masters"

    It worked!!!! Huray!!!

    Normally I have all events on the same channel, but this midi file I am working with is coming from Overture with different voice settings, then I would do now. Besides that, I combined/divided several voices to my liking for the new project (by the way it is that first symphony, which I am doing all over again with the knowledge I have now).

    So there are many left overs from earlier, maybe faulty approaches, as well as to blame (older version of) Overture, which is doing weird things to channels, etc.

    One thing left in SONAR, when you do this having the Event View before you, that window will not be refreshed when that interpolation process is ready. So you think nothing happened, until you reload that Event View/List.


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    Re: PRV-view - question to "SONAR masters"

    Sorry, I forgot that button cropped. It doesn't work!!! Pity. Anyway, thanks for the efforts. I already asked on the cakewalk forum how to do this.


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    Re: PRV-view - question to "SONAR masters"

    Well very good, thanks for letting us know that worked. I was confident you'd get the results you want.

    Sometimes just because of working on a project at different times, I'll end up with data and notes on more than one channel, when I didn't intend for that to happen. But for what I'm doing it usually doesn't matter, I just set the channel in the track header to force everything to one channel. But Interpolate is a great tool to fix most anything when needed.

    "...you think nothing happened, until you reload that Event View/List..."

    Yes, that's a good thing to add to this thread. Refresh the view to update it to the latest edits you've made.


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    Re: PRV-view - question to "SONAR masters"

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond62 View Post
    Sorry, I forgot that button cropped. It doesn't work!!!
    What "Show Cropped" will do is reveal data which Might be hidden. It does work, but if there is no hidden data, then there's nothing for it to do.


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    Re: PRV-view - question to "SONAR masters"

    Randy, you put a message on the cakewalk forum. I replied with a bunch of pictures. See those, please. Still, this whole thing sound very strange to me, "might be there, but ......."


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    Re: PRV-view - question to "SONAR masters"

    Raymond, what did "It worked!!!! Huray!!!" mean if it didn't mean - it worked-?

    As I just now posted at Sonar, you're either still not using Interpolate correctly or your installation has a problem.

    If you click OK on BOTH windows, after changing the channel on the second screen, all data and notes will change to what you selected. I just ran a test again to make sure I wasn't crazy. I'm not. Well, at least not in regards to this.


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