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Topic: gigastrings beta tester,some demo to listen? 2

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    gigastrings beta tester,some demo to listen? 2

    if you are a gigastring beta tester, could you show something produced using this library for us.
    i got all the demos from www.gigastrings.com and i think it is time to LISTEN the news.
    0 reply sounds really strange cause i know that the library is almost ready for sale and a new demo help me a lot to decide.
    thanx again

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    Re: gigastrings beta tester,some demo to listen? 2

    I think we can expect a new demo any time now. I\'m sure Gary and his crew of beta testers are working hard to compose a piece of music that will do the library justice. I have yet to hear a demo that does a library justice however. I have faith in this library, but I hope they will piece it up into different sets of the different string groups. I would like to buy violins, double and cellis first. Then add violas and basses as I see the need for it. My budget (being a student) is fairly limited at the moment. I\'m also considering Dan Deans brass library. I\'m not too comfortable about the solo idea though. I want brass ensembles. I have my personal library, and I\'m going to record new trumpet samples, but until I have time to do that, I would want a decent trumpet library to work with. I feel that sustained long notes at various dynamics don\'t cut it when it comes to brass. Suited articulations would be different length samples with various attacks and decays. Anyway I\'m way off topic as usual

    I\'m anxious to see what can be done with your library, Gary! Lets hear some music!


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    Re: gigastrings beta tester,some demo to listen? 2

    hey finnaly some reply !!!!!thanx thomas and i agree with you but a short musical piece using this library is not available yet?
    well i\'m so anxious to listen that\'s it.

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    Re: gigastrings beta tester,some demo to listen? 2

    Ricardo, several of us are working on demo pieces using Garritan Orchestral Strings, so don\'t worry there will be something to listen to. I can\'t say when though. The demo compositions have to be finished and evaluated first.

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    Re: gigastrings beta tester,some demo to listen? 2

    When the library is released we\'ll concentrate our efforts in producing some spectacular string demos.

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