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Topic: Who uses Sibelius/Finale with Gigasampler

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    Who uses Sibelius/Finale with Gigasampler

    I\'m interested in using a professional score writer such as one of the above with Gigasampler.

    I\'m interested in anyone\'s experience of using these tools with specific reference to play back. My primary aim is to get something sounding good, with the score, a secondary aim.

    Is it REALLY possible to achieve good results using a score writer over a sequencer, or is this hoping. Is it only a sequencer that can give you the desired control over all the dimensions, or is it possible with a score writer to finely control what each piece of notation triggers in a sample library?

    I\'m thinking of getting the new gigastrings to go with this, incidentally...

    I\'d be interested in anyone\'s thoughts on the subject.

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    Re: Who uses Sibelius/Finale with Gigasampler

    I use Finale & GS but Finale is not really something for performing compositions. To make a good score requires the sort of quantization and stripping of effects that makes a good sequencer sound live. I think you\'re going to be disappointed if you want an accurate score that doesn\'t sound like a stilted sequenced piece in Finale!

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    Re: Who uses Sibelius/Finale with Gigasampler

    I use Finale also. Finale allows a lot of control, but you sure have to work HARD to get it. Most of the “sequencer” features haven’t been changed for many years. Many libraries use the lower keyboard range as a dimension controller, which is not well suited to notation. I find it convenient to edit the gigs and use a different controller (I use cc16).

    If the notation is secondary, I’d recommend a sequencer. The notation tools in a sequencer can be awkward, might do it for you. Try out some demos.

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    Re: Who uses Sibelius/Finale with Gigasampler

    I\'ve actually gotten to where I prefer to work with Finale rather than Cakewalk as my sequencer. I\'ve assigned metatools to all of the MIDI commands that I need regularly (like MOD Wheel adjustments and transposition effects to easily access key switching). I also use the MIDI Tool to create a more human feel. For the types of switching and composing I do, it\'s just faster in Finale.

    One nice thing about Finale is that you can customize the computer keyboard in any way you want, and you can design your own contextual menus that appear when you press a certain key combination on your keyboard. If anyone has any questions about speeding up their Finale usage, let me know.

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    Re: Who uses Sibelius/Finale with Gigasampler

    What I do is write in Finale and then \"tweak\" evevything in Digital Performer. This way I have a clean score. Most sequencer programs are lacking in the notation department.


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    Re: Who uses Sibelius/Finale with Gigasampler

    How does a tool like Finale allow you to edit midi and then re-import... I take it that is what you guys do?

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    Re: Who uses Sibelius/Finale with Gigasampler

    So astrt4... would you say that you\'ve managed to get the same level of control out of using Finale in terms of end sound, as say from using a sequencer... also - you all seem to be talking Finale here... there are debates about which is better... I take it you all go for Finale over Sibelius... are there any user forums that I can access to ask further opinions???

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    Re: Who uses Sibelius/Finale with Gigasampler

    If you are a good keyboardist, then using a dedicated sequencing program has its advantages. With Finale, you can play in and have it record your performance data, but it won\'t be as friendly. If you intend to use the mod wheel and pitch wheel for real time recording purposes, then stick with a sequencer. I use the mod wheel for patch switching, so it actually works better for me to use Finale.

    Finale is a more powerful program than Sibelius, that much is inarguable. It simply can do more. It also offers greater speed once it is taken advantage of. With Sibelius, you can learn the program fairly quickly, but you will run into limitations. Also, it doesn\'t have the facility to do what I do with metatools in Finale to speed things up. I own Sibelius, but I rarely use it. I\'ve never known a proficient Finale user who\'s switched to Sibelius. The ones who do are almost always the ones who never took the time to go through the Finale tutorial book and learn the right way to do things.

    You can learn more at www.tgtools.de

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