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Topic: Help. new pc. Audio Crackling. win7 64

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    Re: Help. new pc. Audio Crackling. win7 64

    Quote Originally Posted by Haydn View Post
    I wonder if you have a driver causing spikes on your system every few seconds. Download the DPC Latency Checker tool: http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml

    i tried that tool before, and also presonus' ohcitool and dpctool, no spikes at all.. all tools showed very low latency and something like "..this pc should handle realtime audio..."

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    Re: Help. new pc. Audio Crackling. win7 64

    guess i spoke too soon, the audio crackling thru presonus firestudio project started again, just like before, almost constant crackling! I switched realtek onboard audio in bios on, now the audio is better thru presonus audio card.

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    Re: Help. new pc. Audio Crackling. win7 64

    I've been borrowing friend's M-Audio 1010LT card for couple last days, because I had to really finish some projects. It was working perfectly, than I got response from PreSonus how to reinstall firestudio project with additional registry deleting procedures, now firestudio project works fine..

    I think the combination of all these (realtek driver dwnld, codec pack donload, 1010lt install and unistall, and presonus procedure) made this work.

    again, thank you all very much for helping out!

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