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Topic: Orchestral libraries for Giga

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    Orchestral libraries for Giga

    I know this has been covered before, but I need some quick advice. Which orchestral library makes the best use of keyswitching - i.e. instead of loading 6 string section patcheds, i\'d like to load one that has your legato, pizz, marcato, etc. that are keyswitched. same with brass (although it seems like i have to get quantum leap for that). I\'m using Ultimate strings and Miroslav mini now and it\'s just not enough. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Orchestral libraries for Giga

    You\'re going to find some great keyswitching implimentation in Advanced Orchestra. Not so with QL Brass though. Don\'t know why they didn\'t do it that way but annoyingly they didn\'t. You can switch between two different articulations using the MOD wheel but that\'s it. bummer. Seems like a total waste of GigaStudio\'s biggest (for me) advantage.

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    Re: Orchestral libraries for Giga

    Advanced Orchestra covers most of the bases with keyswitching. Dan Dean\'s Woodwinds have many keyswitched banks in both full versions with combinations of 2 - 4 articulations and it also has the same keyswitched banks for the light versions.

    The new GigaStrings will also have keyswitched banks included. This is going to be an excellent library when released!!

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    Re: Orchestral libraries for Giga

    vrsound.com has new strings!
    heavy duty switching and xfading on everything!
    Check out the demos at: http://www.vrsound.com/index2.html

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