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Topic: General Midi won't load

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    General Midi won\'t load

    When I drag and drop a Midi file into Giga,
    it used (version 2) to open the sequencer and load the GM500 instruments.
    Now (version 2.2) it opens the sequencer but instruments won\'t load.
    The instrument channels become empty and no instrument loads.
    Any idea?
    Any idea how to load a Midi file into Giga?

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    Re: General Midi won\'t load

    Just run the installation setup on the GM500 CD after installing your v2.2, that will reset the Registry parameters needed for the GM autoload to work.

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    Re: General Midi won\'t load

    How do you like the samples on the 500? Are they any good? I\'ve heard some negative comments about it. I\'d like to hear it from an existing user.

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    Re: General Midi won\'t load

    Thanks Jim for the tip. I will try.
    As for the GM500,
    its much beter than my Roland SC8850
    Sound Canvas,
    but it is not a substitute for dedicated libraries.
    Its a fast solution to test your
    MIDI files, but then if you want a professional sound you need to
    load professional dedicated samples.
    The flute is great though

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