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Topic: Using AO librar y without a midi keyboard

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    Using AO librar y without a midi keyboard

    Hi all,
    I just got Advanced orchestra library and i would like to use the samples in my compositions without a midi keyboard if possible because i prefer to write with the mouse using music notation in Cakewalk Pro Audio9.
    The manual that came with the library said this is possible using program changes in my sequencer but i havent really been able to figure out how to do this as the library is quite big with articulations scattered over different gig files
    Is it really possible to do this and how? or should i just resign myself to using the keyboard.Also what other giga libraries would complement the AO library,by that i mean blend well with the AO and also fill some of the \'gaps\' in the AO library
    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Using AO librar y without a midi keyboard

    While I do use a keyboard for playing in notes (I really don\'t know how you can make stuff sound good otherwise, but that is your perrogative), I don\'t use a MIDI Keyboard for any of the AO articuluation changes. I picked up a Kenton Control Freak (http://www.kenton.co.uk/) and programmed the buttons to correspond to the articluation changes. All of the articulation changes are just really low note messages, so you could even add them in via the mouse in Cakewalk, though it would be a slow and probably frustrating way to do it.

    You really need physical sliders to get the most out of your music anyway IMO, so something like the Control Freak is extremely valuable if you don\'t have a MIDI Keyboard with sliders already. I think Peavey makes a similar product.

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