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Topic: OT: typewriter + orchestra

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    OT: typewriter + orchestra

    Just a bit of fun I came across this morning...

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    Re: OT: typewriter + orchestra

    Yes. I know this piece from my childhood (I think). Nice to "see" it performed.

    Great fun,


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    Re: OT: typewriter + orchestra

    One of my favorites too...


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    Re: OT: typewriter + orchestra

    I've seen this piece performed before One of the most delightfully fun little pieces of music I've ever had the chance to hear

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    Re: OT: typewriter + orchestra

    Here's one of my favourite bits of musical silliness.


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    Re: OT: typewriter + orchestra

    Leroy Anderson sure knew how to write for those 'obscure' instruments!

    Ah today, it would never work - computer KB's are soooo quiet...
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    Re: OT: typewriter + orchestra

    The publisher that I work for re-released this piece a few years ago with a new Finale engraving done by moi. First time I ever created a part for a typewriter. But there's a specific instruction to disable the bell inside the typewriter and have the bell played by a separate percussionist.

    Maybe if the typewriter performer also played the bell they would have to pay him for a double.

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    Re: OT: typewriter + orchestra

    Quote Originally Posted by wrayer View Post
    Leroy Anderson sure knew how to write for those 'obscure' instruments!

    Ah today, it would never work - computer KB's are soooo quiet...
    One can program his/here's cell phone ginving different sounds at each particular key. Maybe when you add some nice tones to it, you will end up with a Divertimento for orchestra and cell phones.......


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    Re: OT: typewriter + orchestra

    do I sense a new ARIA SFZ contest coming on?

    Randy,, I bet you have an old typewriter,

    get that sucker out and sample these keys, bell, and the return carriage,
    then we can all download a midi file of this piece and create our own version.
    I too have known this all my life.

    Good find Sean bud,

    of course I want each key sampled for the ultimate in round robin..

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    Re: OT: typewriter + orchestra


    Nice to hear it again, thank you Sean, though the typewriter performance is fake. Anyone who has used those typewriters would remember that the bell rings when the carriage comes to its end position, not just anywhere. I think this is what Jeff refers to.

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