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Topic: www.gigasampler.ru?????

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    What is this Russiam site that sells CDs for $8 one?
    Is this a hacker.
    Does it worth anything?
    Is it safe?
    Anybody has any experience?
    Is this a legal one?

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    Re: [url]www.gigasampler.ru?????[/url]

    Please forget this site - Pirates!

    Tragically - I seem to remember, that the guy who ran this site \"died\" a couple of months ago...

    He might have re-incarnated though!


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    Re: [url]www.gigasampler.ru?????[/url]

    Oh no, again?

    There was a very long thread on this exact topic couple of months ago. Not only the guy died but he also resurrected shortly after and in one of the later posts explained that the live in Russia is hard etc., etc.
    We all know this is a pirate site but I feel neither copyright owners nor we can do much about it. Because we are talking about Russia here.

    So it\'s up to each of us: Are you going to buy thing which you know is stolen? Are you going to support a wild west business methods? Or is it better for all of us to stick to some more civilised ethiquette?
    If nobody buys from them they will not do it.


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    Re: [url]www.gigasampler.ru?????[/url]

    VERY well put!!!


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