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Topic: Quantum Lead Guitars

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    Quantum Lead Guitars

    Are the quantum lead gutar&bass sample CD any good? The demo mp3 is nice and it includes a lot of patches, but they are only 3-20 MB large. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Quantum Lead Guitars

    Hi there,

    I bought the library. Good selection of guitars (acoustic, lead, rhythm) and styles too. But I would not praise the sound quality too much, a few samples are recorded with quite high background noise level.

    I don\'t know about the alternatives available for a \"multi-genre guitar library\" for this price, but you should check out other libraries if you are inclined towards using a particular style, like acoustic (Pure guitars, Max Strength etc).

    That said, I have used 6-7 programs on some of my music so far, and I would say they are quite playable and useable given a bit of tweaking and finger training.

    The bass samples are disappointing....

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    Re: Quantum Lead Guitars

    I have Max Strength, Pure guitars, and Quantum Leap Guitars. Quantum Leap is my least favorite. I agree with the critique in the previoius post. Pure Guitars is a better way to go if your looking for variety. Max strength is a pretty usable acoustic

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    Re: Quantum Lead Guitars

    I hear Pure Guitars is pretty great. I thought that it was acoustics only, though.

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    Re: Quantum Lead Guitars

    I have mixed feelings about Quantum Leap Guitar & Bass. One of the things that made me want the library was the Blues guitar featured in the demo. It turned out that the blues guitar is extremely difficult to play, with awkward velocuty split points. Of course, this library was pre-Gigastudio... therefore pre-keyswitching. If it were done today, I am sure it would be very different.

    The Max Strength Acoustic Guitar just displaced \"Acoustic God\" from QLG&B as my favorite acoustic (I don\'t own Pure Guitars), but it is a very in-your-face sound. For more mellow tracks, I still think \"Acoustic God\" sounds fantastic.

    I also love \"Anderson Strat,\" although several notes end prematurely... another sign that this library was not made specifically for GS. Finally, the \"Blues Chugs\" patch has really saved me a couple times for rhythm stuff.

    Despite it\'s shortcomings, I think this is a useful library with some very useable sounds. There are definitely other things you could look into. You could buy Translator from Chicken Systems, and then get Sweetwater Sound\'s Ultimate Guitars for the K2000 series and port it over. You could also get Pure Guitars or Max Strength Acoustic. For Electrics, I am eagerly awaiting Nick\'s recently announced Strat and Tele libraries.

    Jacob Winkler

    PS: Nick, did you get my request for a demo MP3 of the strat? If not, here\'s another: Please send me a demo of your \'56 strat library at jwinkler1@qwest.net

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