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    Bardstown Audio, which was formerly BAP Sounds, will be releasing several new sample instrument libraries in Giga format within the next few days, Vintage archtop guitars, four string tenor banjos, classic vintage accordions, and Three Concert Grand Pianos. Visit our web site at www.bardstownaudio.com. This web site will be updated in the next few days with additional information.

    The sample instrument libraries, which will be ready in the next few days are \"Vintage Archtop Guitars and Tenor Banjos\" and \"Classic Accordions.\" There are both acoustic and electric archtop guitar samples, using a vintage DeArmond floating pickup. The guitar which was sample recorded is a 1948 blonde Gibson L7. The four string tenor banjo is a Gibson Mastertone TB250.

    There are a total of six Giga instruments in the \"Vintage Archtop Guitars and Tenor Banjos,\" Acoustic Archtop Pick, Acoustic Archtop Thumb, electric DeArmond pickup on the archtop guitar with a pick, and the electric DeArmond pickup on the archtop guitar with thumb. There are two tenor banjo giga samples, one with pick, and the other tenor banjo with thumb. All archtop guitars and tenor banjos were sample recorded with multi velocities and release triggers, with each and every note recorded without pitch shifting. These instruments are extremely well suited for older jazz music, \"hot jazz club swing,\" New Orleans Dixieland, 1920\'s, 1930\'s, 1940\'s, 1950\'s, jazz, standards, pop, ethnic, country, Texas swing, plus many more useful styles. There are several very useful sequencing tools in order to generate amazing authentic chord rhythms with these instruments, such as Music Lab\'s Rhythm n\' Chords midi effects plugin for Cakewalk, Band in the Box Version 10 which has enhanced features for this purpose and does it extremely well, Style Enhancer, Twiddly Bits midi sequences, Jammer Pro, etc.

    These archtop guitars and tenor banjos have a very wonderful, distinctive, and unique sound for solos and rhythms, which the usual \"flat-top\" guitar and \"five string\" \"country/bluegrass\" banjo absolutely cannot produce.

    There are a total of nine Giga Accordions on the \"Classic Accordions\" collection. The accordions in this collection are the very highest quality, which were made in the 1950\'s when accordions were very well \"hand made\" and of the highest quality. Each and every note of the accordions was sample recorded including release triggers and no pitch shifting. The very best accordions were sample recorded, Excelsior Symphony, Sano Concert Master Sixty, Bell Symphony, PANcordion Baton Tone Chamber, and PANcordion Baton One. These accordions are very useful in many styles of music, including ethnic, pop, polka, country, Texas swing, jazz, plus many more useful styles.

    Next month, we will be releasing the first of a series of Concert Grand Pianos. The first piano to be released is a Steinway Model D, which has every note sample recorded eight different ways and with no pitch shifting, three velocities of pedal up, three velocities of pedal down, and several velocities of release triggers. This piano, along with the Bosendorfer and Baldwin are close to being two gigabytes each.

    The next pianos to follow a month after the Steinway are a nine and a half foot Bosendorfer Imperial, and a month following the Bosendorfer Imperial will be a Baldwin SD10 nine foot concert grand.

    The Steinway and Bosendorfer were sample recorded in a performance hall, and the Baldwin SD10 was sample recorded in Bardstown Audio\'s studio.

    The very highest quality standards were utilized in order to achieve the very highest audio quality of these sampled instruments. We have been working since last July on these sampled instruments and paying very close attention to all details in the complete production process in order to achieve very high quality, which makes for very usable and realistic instruments.

    All instruments were sample recorded using 130 volt B&K 4012\'s and 4003\'s, Millennia and Avalon mic preamps and compressors. Compression was not used on the pianos. Apogee SE converters were used for A/D conversion into a Pro Tools Mix TDM system. The instruments were sample recorded in 24 bit and dithered to 16 bit utilizing Apogee UV22.


    Bardstown Audio
    Bardstown, Kentucky USA www.bardstownaudio.com

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    that sounds great! Are there already some mp3-appetizers?


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    I am working on MP3 demos and will have them up in a few days.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Bardstown Audio

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Johannes:

    that sounds great! Are there already some mp3-appetizers?


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