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Topic: String quintet

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    String quintet

    While I like the composition, I really don't care for the solo strings that came in the Finale version of Garritan all that much. Still, they provided me with my first semi realistic recording of a song I made, so I thought I would have a little fun and re do this song which was originally done with EWQLSO strings, with the garritan ones. I will say, even though the SO strings sound FAR more realistic, it was nice not having to mess with a bunch of different articulations/long load times for a change. Not to mention all the tweaking...


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    Re: String quintet

    I'd heard it before on the other forum, but the extra effort you put in the articulations is really worthwhile. It enhances the sound so much, that it is almost a different work. The battle/chase aspect of it is much clearer, anyway. I still don't get why people called it "celtic" though.

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    Re: String quintet

    Epic, I could really hear huge potential for this one. Renaissance right? my fav genre.
    Wheres my garritan lute at!?

    I can't find a good lute anywhere. Not sure if its been written off as inferior to classical
    guitar. I hope if Garritan ever does a world music vst he includes lute.

    I really like the style of this one. Thanks for sharing

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