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Topic: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... cheapest where?

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    Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... cheapest where?

    Another question about ordering... At Nemesys\' site the price is 549$ at AudioMIDI.com it is 439 or so! Quite a difference... However AudioMIDI has extremely expensive shipping (at least compard to DSSoundware) at 62$ for Dan Dean. Anyone knows some other companies that carry many libraries and have more realistic shipping prices?! Maybe even in Europe.. that would be fantastic. But Best Service e.g. don\'t sell outside Germany I think...

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... cheapest where?


    Email me


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... cheapest where?

    62 bucks for shipping? What?

    I\'ve never paid more than $7 for shipping from audioMIDI, even for much larger packages than Dan Dean Woodwinds. Where on earth are do you live?


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... cheapest where?

    I live in Denmark, but the shipping rate seems to be the same no matter where it is, outside US and Canada - 62$ UPS Worldwide for the Dan Dean thing. And I only paid 15$ or so for Ultimate Orchestral Percussion by UPS from DSSoundware - I don\'t get it...

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... cheapest where?

    I realized some places will definitely stick it to you with shipping. I\'ve gotten things before and realized later that they tagged an extra charge later to my credit card for shipping then what they originally said!

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... cheapest where?

    I thought I\'d check out this company. The free shipping is only to Zone 2 which is the Washington area. I\'m in Zone 6 in Arizona - the shipping was about $12.00.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... cheapest where?

    A quick search reveals:

    where DDSW is $374 shipping included! Don\'t know how much extra overseas shipping is though.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... cheapest where?

    Have you had a chance to actually use these woodwinds? I\'ve been considering them, but am reluctant until I talk to someone whose impartial opinion I respect can give me their angle on them.
    Anyone else?

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... cheapest where?

    Greetings and salutations.

    I have been using the DDSWW library on and off for a few months now, and I really like it, but I must confess that I had some trouble getting adjusted in the beginning. I had spent some time developing my woodwind/brass sequencing technique using the Advanced Orchestra\'s cross-fading instruments with a breath controller.

    Upon switching to DDSWW I was initially disappointed to discover that it lacked any kind of dynamic crossfades, and I mean _any_ kind of continuous controllers. You can\'t even introduce vibrato on a sustained note by pushing on a pitch wheel! There are programs in DDSWW with names like \"NV/V ModWheel\" but even those don\'t fade.. the wheel is just a discrete trigger which selects the samples to be played, so you must play another note for it to have vibrato.

    I find it difficult to get much expressiveness if I can\'t change the color of the sound using some sort of fade, either with the a wheel or a breath controller. I have attempted to do the fading manually (record multiple tracks using different samples, record in automated fades, bounce, rinse, repeat..) but it\'s painfully time consuming, and certainly not as immediate as _performing_ the phrasing from the start.

    In the end, the library is still great because it is beautifully played and expressively recorded, and the instruments have SO MANY layers that they carry a good amount of texture on their own (if you know what I mean..).

    With a little more hands-on control the DDSWW would have been \"it,\" but as it is I find it most effective for percussive or fast lines. When I need lyrical, \"breathy\" phrases I often have to go back to AO or xsample.

    DDSWW has by far the best samples of any woodwinds library out there, and it is certainly a useful and recommended addition to anyone\'s toolbox, and yet with a little more programming it could be the ONLY woodwinds library one needs in said toolbox. I hope some day Mr. Dean will find the time to revisit the library\'s programming and maybe even add some crossfading instruments.

    GigaStrings has demonstrated that, while it might not be easy or obvious, there is a way to create giga instruments which have both a large number of layers AND the ability to smoothly fade between them.

    In any case, I am working on an orchestral short piece which uses both the DDSWW and GigaStrings, it should be more or less done in a week.. I\'ll post it somewhere so you can have a listen and tell me how much I suck..

    Take care,


    Andrea G. Pessino (not female, just Italian)
    Blizzard Entertainment


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... cheapest where?

    Hi Andrea; thanks for the info - i\'ve been debating what i should get in the way of woodwinds and i think i might just get the AO, because i need some other instruments as well.
    I\'m ordering Symphony of Voices here fairly soon as well, have you (or any of you for that matter) used it that much?
    Raven Software
    \"Soldier of Fortune 2\"

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