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Topic: Anyone buys from SOUNDSONLINE?

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    Anyone buys from SOUNDSONLINE?

    I ordered Nick\'s Quantum Leap Rare Instruments and Yellow Tools Pure Guitars from Soundsonline a week ago. I emailed them 2-3 times with some questions, also because I find it odd that I don\'t receive a FedEx tracking # from them. But I get no response on my emails at all. However they have been very quick to withdraw the $$ from my credit card....
    Anyone who has as bad experiences with them as this, and can I expect this package to turn up eventually?! I just think not responding to emails is totally unacceptable, and if they haven\'t even sent the CD\'s yet it is also unacceptable that they claim their payment so fast.

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    Re: Anyone buys from SOUNDSONLINE?

    I ordered from them once without any problem.

    Hallelujah to your comment about vendors who do not respond promptly to emails!

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    Re: Anyone buys from SOUNDSONLINE?

    I\'ve ordered most of my libraries through them - never a problem, and my CDs always arrived very quickly. Have you tried phoning them? Might have to wait until Monday for that, though.

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    Re: Anyone buys from SOUNDSONLINE?

    Nope haven\'t called them. And this shouldn\'t be neccessary. They withdrew the $$ from my VISA so the CD\'s SHOULD be on the way. However they aren\'t responding to emails which I find pretty odd...

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    Re: Anyone buys from SOUNDSONLINE?

    I\'ve also never had a problem with them, and judging from the fact that they are probably the most successful company in their field, I think it\'s likely that either they have been swamped with e-mails recently, or there was a problem with the delivery of their response to your e-mail. You might try writing them with a different e-mail account... perhaps there was a crash on you\'re e-mail server when they sent it and it bounced back.

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    Re: Anyone buys from SOUNDSONLINE?

    Soundsonline is a very good reputable company. However, when I buy things from them I call their 800 number and talk to Jennifer. I still like to know I\'m talking to a person when doing business with someone.
    Anything over 100 bucks at Soundsonline includes free FedEx next day shipping too!
    I have always recieved my CDs on time from them.

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    Re: Anyone buys from SOUNDSONLINE?

    Well I don\'t buy the \'email bounced\' story. They could\'ve tried and email me again. And I have received lots of emails all days, just not from Soundsonline
    Regarding the \'free delivery\' I THINK I read somewhere that orders above 100$ included free FedEx Worldwide delivery. However I can\'t find it anymore and I was charged 20$ (which isn\'t that bad if it\'s FedEx delivery).

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    Re: Anyone buys from SOUNDSONLINE?

    I\'ve ordered a couple of times from them with no problem. I remember having a bit of trouble getting a hold of them by phone when trying to get a tracking # . . . .

    Good luck!

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    Re: Anyone buys from SOUNDSONLINE?

    I ordered once from them and I have troubles, I live in Mexico and they sent some candies with my order, Fedex try to contact me because in Mexico is very difficult to import goods not declared with some value ( in this case the candies!!) but they wrote their telephone number where was supossed to be mine number. my cds was returned to them, and after 2 weeks and some emails I received my discs.

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    Re: Anyone buys from SOUNDSONLINE?

    Simon, you should have gotten your stuff already. I purchased a bunch of stuff including QL Brass from them and they I believe they only ship it FexEx overnight. I got it in the next day or two I believe.

    You should definitely have received it by now. Give them a call.

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