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Topic: Where to find a great snare drum sample?

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    Where to find a great snare drum sample?


    I\'ve been looking for a great snare drum sample for a long time. I\'ve tried a lot of well-known drum sample cds, but I still haven\'t gotten anywhere near the sound I want. Why is it so hard to make a decent snare drum sample?

    I compose fusion-rock, prog/symfo-rock, pop (toto-like) etc...
    I like the kind of snare drum you hear on records with Dave Weckl, ToTo. etc..
    Lots of punch, a relatively tight drumhead that has a clear and tight sound - with good ghosting-ability.

    I find it very strange, that there are so few good snare drum sample available. The snare drum is after all a very important part of the sound.
    Is there anything out there, that might be recommended?

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    Re: Where to find a great snare drum sample?

    what a couple of months!


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    Re: Where to find a great snare drum sample?

    I have wondered the same thing. I was hoping that a good engineer would get together with a good sample developer to nail down some decent snare samples. The Yellow Tools snares are decent.

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    Re: Where to find a great snare drum sample?

    Shouldn\'t/Couldn\'t they be one in the same?


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    Re: Where to find a great snare drum sample?

    Hi Donnie.

    I\'m very excited about you doing snare drums.
    I listened to your demos, and they sounded more like classical snare drums for orchestral music. Will they work for pop/fusion-rock music?

    I just bought *another* well-discussed drum libary, and was very disappointed by the snare drums.
    The general problem seems to be that the person sampling the snare drums, tunes them down so low, that they sound really dull and boring. I need tight sounding snares, with lots of punch and ghosting velocities.
    Donnies snare drums sounded more tighty tuned, so that\'s very promising. I am however worried, that these are made for orchestral use, and not for pop/rock.
    Am I wrong? I hope I am... :-)

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    Re: Where to find a great snare drum sample?

    stmikkel, I think Donnie is referring to his upcoming drum library, not his existing orchestral snare drums.

    And Donnie: Are you going to fix your site soon so it\'s possible to order the libraries from you? Also, will you have the same discounts as Nemesys have there??

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    Re: Where to find a great snare drum sample?

    Wow! Sounds cool.
    Unfortunately, another sample libary I just have to get.. :-)

    Donnie, if you read this. Please get the snare drums right, and tune at least some of the snaredrums\' drumheads tight, so you get a decent snare drum sound for pop, rock, fusion rock etc. + lots of dynamics.
    The Dave Weckl-sound should be something to aspire for... :-)
    The same goes for the toms I guess.
    The most respected drums libaries like purrrfect drums, bob clearmountain etc. uses all very slack tuned snare drums. I don\'t understand the point of that. They end up sounding pretty dull, and IMO not very useful.

    I\'m crossing my fingers for that Donnie finally will get it right!

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    Re: Where to find a great snare drum sample?

    I\'m looking for high-tuned snares also. I do progressive rock besides doing orchestral music and like the sound of Bill Bruford and Phil Collins snares from the 70\'s. Need those nice ringing rim shots they like to use!

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    Re: Where to find a great snare drum sample?

    Hi Haydn.

    Nice to see a fellow progrocker here.
    Yeah, I love the old Bruford sound myself.
    Speaking of excellent progressive rock drummers, have you heard Jamie Salazar from Flower Kings? He has an incredible amount of feel and musicality to his playing.

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    Re: Where to find a great snare drum sample?

    Hey guys we will definately do the best we can. Both Sean and I are both big Dave W. fans so we will definately get \"that\" sound.


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