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Topic: Donnie and Sean, fix your page:)

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    Donnie and Sean, fix your page:)

    Donnie I am desperate to order Ultimate Timpani (hopefully at the same price as Nemesys have ), but won\'t order from Nemesys as I have a feeling they don\'t ship by UPS or anything. Also you have no idea how many $$ your order runs up to (including shipping) before AFTER you entered all your billing and creditcard details (on a non-secure server too). So I\'d really rather non order from Nemesys... So this is just to hoping that you will make it possible to order the library from your page very soon

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    Re: Donnie and Sean, fix your page:)


    I have had the same reservations about ordering from NemeSys (for one thing, their online store does NOT use a secure connection! hello?!?), so I buy their libraries from www.audioMIDI.com.

    I have purchased many things from audioMIDI(including the Ultimate Timpani, which I don\'t believe DS is allowed to sell directly), and I have been consistently happy.. good prices, good service and a decent web site.

    I hope this helps..


    Andrea G. Pessino (not female, just Italian)
    Blizzard Entertainment


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    Re: Donnie and Sean, fix your page:)


    We are trying to resolve this as fast as we can. We have had to go through the same steps as any other dealer to sell our own products. You should be able to order them in a day or two at the most.



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