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Topic: "Unreachable" - score for orchestra.

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    "Unreachable" - score for orchestra.

    Hi, hope you like some melancholy from Sweden :-). All GPO 4.



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    New Member llastra's Avatar
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    Re: "Unreachable" - score for orchestra.

    Really a nice piece of music

    Luis "AshtarotH" Lastra
    Geek and music lover.

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    Re: "Unreachable" - score for orchestra.

    Hi Jonte;
    I enjoyed this one a lot! I liked the dramatic use of the timpani and the melancholy and romantic themes throughout. Has a really discernible tragic quality to it, makes me think of movie music from B&W melodramas of the '30's and '40's. I think you put together the orchestra quite effectively on this one!
    Really tugs and pulls at the emotions; thanks for posting!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: "Unreachable" - score for orchestra.

    Thanks Ilastra and sd sisco! Originally it's a recently composed piano score that
    I decided to try to orchestrate. There can be some more "human" features, I will try tempo mapping with the keyboard.

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    Re: "Unreachable" - score for orchestra.

    I always like melancholic, introspective music. Swedes are pretty good at it (I did a version of Visa vid midsommartid, Song for midsummer, and even that is melancholic; and I think I commented that on one of your previous works too). I particularly like the canon-like part that really pushes itself, and its development. I agree with what sd wrote: it does have a bit of an ebb and tide feeling. Good work.

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    Re: "Unreachable" - score for orchestra.

    Hi Jonte,

    I absolutely enjoy melancholy... nicely done here in your work... especially enjoyed the "key" like change mid stream and the unresolved ending... (IMO).

    Well done!
    Do you have any other plans for this work?

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: "Unreachable" - score for orchestra.

    Thank you FLWrd and Michael!
    From the beginning I just wanted to orchestrate the original piano
    score, but perhaps I will take it further.


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