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Topic: Pedal Steel Sample

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    Pedal Steel Sample

    Does anyone know of any great pedal steel samples? I can\'t afford the time to learn to play (or even sample) this wonderful instrument, but I need this timbre for several of my compositions (I have been faking it by using some contorted/finger-slicing stringbending techniques on my Telecaster).

    BTW, If you have never heard Debussy played on pedal steel by someone like Paul Franklin, you really are missing out. Really!

    So can I persuade someone, anyone, to create a GigaStudio pedal steel?


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    Re: Pedal Steel Sample

    I would love to know also Ian! I heard some great ambient \'space music\' on Hearts of Space with pedal steel and it was gorgeous.
    Pedal Steel would be a great sample to have.

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    Re: Pedal Steel Sample

    There is a basic patch on QL Guitar and Bass and a similar one on Hans Zimmer 2. Neither will knock your socks off, but they are good for a simple line.

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    Re: Pedal Steel Sample

    Pedal steel strikes me as something which Giga\'s dimensions would really help accomodate imitating.

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    Re: Pedal Steel Sample

    Try \"Whole Lotta Country\" 3 CD Sample Set. Can\'t remember the company, but should be easy to find. Great Pedal steel Licks etc.

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    Re: Pedal Steel Sample

    I got some from the sampleheads site
    their OK the single notes sound alright
    particularly with a bit of trem but it stil takes a bit of thought to get them to sound convicing .

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