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Topic: Newbie mapping an Oboe

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    Newbie mapping an Oboe

    According to this diagram, an oboe\'s range is from Bb2 to G5. http://www.sospubs.co.uk/sos/dec99/images/orchfig2.gif

    The oboe in my sample library contains 11 samples for the instrument and are as follows:

    1 (c)
    2 eb
    3 gb
    4 a
    5 c1
    6 eb1
    7 gb1
    8 a1
    9 c2
    10 eb2
    11 gb2

    Why would there be samples starting at a note not within it\'s range. (
    I\'m unsure how to map this across the keys for giga.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated,

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    Re: Newbie mapping an Oboe


    There are different systems of naming the octaves. For instance in German system the range of oboe is from hes (ie. b flat in the octave below a middle c) to approx. g3 . Which, I agree, still doesn\'t match the chart of your samples. But since the most effective range of an oboe is cca between f1 and hes 2 (that would be F3 to Bb4 of your system) I guess the (c) of the chart could be your C3 the e flat could be Eb3 and so on.


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    Re: Newbie mapping an Oboe

    That may be the case since the publisher of the library is a German company, I think.

    I just ended up mapping them to the ranges depicted in the diagram in the Instrument Editor and it seems to work ok.

    They should be usable as placeholder sounds till I can afford AO or something more robust.

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