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Topic: Hmmmm.....

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    Re: Hmmmm.....

    And of course,with Steinbugs legendary stable release record this will be the end of Gigastudio

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    Re: Hmmmm.....

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Blob:
    And of course,with Steinbugs legendary stable release record this will be the end of Gigastudio <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Please explain. I\'ve lost the original question. It\'s like being at an advertising agency\'s brief ...and I\'m getting scared!

    The drugs ARE working...aren\'t they?


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    Re: Hmmmm.....

    16 way multitimbral,How many voices for Halion 16, 32 or 64 maybe? 12 virtual outs?
    Did Halion works without VST or Nuendo?
    I want to ask if somebody who is using more than 100 voices and 16+ midi channels will prefer to use EXS 24 or Halion.
    My giga studio gives me more than 100 voices and a lot of midi channels, I\'m using LAP 4.7 with EXS 24 and I prefer gigastudio over it. For me gigastudio is very stable!! But of course this is my personal opinion.

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    Re: Hmmmm.....

    Be prepared!

    We\'re going to hear a lot about people using EXS24 and Halion and how much better they are than Gigastudio.

    Before I give any credence to these comments, I would like to know that these users are:

    1. Getting VERY low latency no matter how many voices/channels they use.

    2. Able to run 120 - 160 voices of polyphony.

    3. Able to do ALL of this when streaming from hard disk. (not just using the hard disk for a couple of big samples)

    4.Able to run all of up to 64 midi channels

    My guess is that both of these plug ins couldn\'t possible match Gigastudio in these areas which I regard as crucial to my decision to buy Gigastudio and not an E5000.

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    Re: Hmmmm.....

    Cmpetition is good. It\'s probably about time somebody came along and gave Nemesys something to worry about; it can only do some good for the rest of us.
    Incidentally, does anyone know how \'big\' a company Nemesys is? Is gigasampler their only product? How many developers work for them etc. This, ultimately, will mark whether they fall or rise... if Steinberg have 30 developers working on Halion and Nemesys only 2, then the former will ultimately win out.
    Still: we shouldn\'t be that worried. All our investment in sample libs will be able to be transposed across using \'some tool\' and we\'ll only move across when the alternative solution has got better than Gigasampler.
    So - who\'s worried? The only downside is having to shell out a few more bucks on a new sampler package... other than that, nothing should change... the only people who should be really worried are Nemesys... and that\'s a healthy thing!

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    Re: Hmmmm.....

    In my opinion, one of the tools that both EXS24 and Halion would require would have to be a Giga format import/conversion function. I\'m not sure if one is in the works, but I\'m willing to bet it would sure be a hot seller if one were released! Especially amoung those who have already invested a great deal in the Giga libraries. I\'m still unclear as to whether Halion will be able to run stand-alone like Giga is capable of doing, or if it must run as a VST plug-in. If users were able to pick and choose between the two I think that would be a big selling point. Personally, I would prefer to dedicate a machine to a soft-sampler and let it use all of the resources instead of forcing it to share everything with a VST-ready application (but still have the option of running as a VST plug).


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    Re: Hmmmm.....

    I use a Mac with MOTU Performer for sequencing and PC machine for Gigastudio. I would not want to mix the two functions in the same machine. I see many advantages to having a separate sequencer and treating Gigastudio as a sound module.


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    Re: Hmmmm.....

    Hey Chadwick,

    Don\'t be so hard on Halion, etc. As far as I\'m concerned there could be very good grounds for using them to help out.
    Do you remember the days when you had a synth and a drum machine well I\'m starting to see this situation in the same light.
    If I can use Unity, Halion, whatever, as a drum machine and leave all the heavy work for GigaStudio then I\'d be quite happy with 32/64 poly....

    Of course if GigaStudio were to implement some of the funky ideas which people have been puting on the wish list... then I\'m sure I wouldn\'t be so interested in the other solutions.

    :0 (too much sunbathing)

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    Re: Hmmmm.....

    What ever happened to Halion is coming out with disk streaming ,oopps looks like they won\'t have disk streaming .
    Oh look again it looks like disk streaming is back in the design?
    Did Nemesys threaten to sue ?
    Then maybe Sienburg found out that you can\'t patent disk streaming , only disk streaming the way Nemesys achieves it ?
    Just speculating about what went on.

    One thing I wanted to note .
    If you look at any hardware or software sampler one of ther first things that you will see in the ad is the polyphony.
    But I dont see anything about that in the Halion specs .
    Maybe they don\'t want to promise anything because it\'s system dependent .
    Maybe they have learned from Nemesys that people tend to get pissed when a company promises 160 voices of polyphony [the main reason that alot of people upgraded]and the majority of people cant achieve that without pops and clicks [even a athlon 800].
    Acording to a thread a couple months ago where people listed there system config and giga studio performance level.

    To make things worse Nemesys never answers there phone [They musy be busy spending my money]
    So im left with a program that does not work and they have my money for this product paid in full.
    Well at least someone is happy with this transaction [buying giga studio].
    I hope Stienburg doesn\'t make these same mistakes and supports there customers .

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