I thought we need an official clear request list where people can find it.

I'll update this list whenever there is a resorting in priorities- updating the sum.
Please participate your requests.

This is my quick Top Request List for ARIA player 4.02

High Priority
  • Loading, especially saving multis/ensembles as in previous version. I have to browse trough 10 folders to locate a preset, while previously this was inside the loading list- much better! Saving custom multis need return.
  • Loading and saving Ambience presets. I have my own 30 presets, and best conditions would be being able to load them again.
    *Edit* From time to time, anyone will load up a new instance (I do this often), Now I have pain-fully recreate any possible changes. When reloading a project you might not even remember any changes and you want to apply global changes quick.

Additional Wishes / Low priority
  • Characteristic/Timbre description popup for various instruments/players- a little window popups when hovering mouse over a instrument in 'load' menu. (i.e. warm, harsh, glassy, mellow)
    An option to add custom notes was the basic idea in the first place.
    Reason: Quicker locate your desired timbre, preventing time-consuming load-and-try.
  • Sending Knob/Slider info to Host from Interface.
    Please, please make at least the Mod-Wheel to send out it's values to the Host.. This would be so useful.
    I'm using FLstudio and there is no quick controller assignment, instead you browse 4 folder deep to access a VST generators controllers, to link mod-wheel. This is nothing that serves you musically.
  • Custom pan setups? Create your invidual panning for each instrument as addition to the stock configuration.
    I.e. load a 'Baroque' Setup, 'Symphonic' setup, maybe a 'Hollywood' setup, etc
    This would be very, very useful! I'd love to contribute and share setups.
  • Next/Previous Instrument switch as previously. on the upper interface portion above the instruments.
    Since it's gone, I realized how useful it was.

Very, very additional (stop dreamin')
  • A lite version with single instrument instance. Complete with an Ambience version that automatically links opened instances to invidual amount knob. Sort of a remote controlled system of the current This would be extremely helpful for anyone working with single instances for single instruments.

    The current system makes perfect sense and is reasonable, but to the end-user it's just not that comfortable /I'm not the guy who likes to add midi channels for each instrument.

Great many thanks for listening!

*updated 10.12.10