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Topic: Need some help with the Giga Editor

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    Need some help with the Giga Editor

    I\'ve had Giga 96 for about a year now and want to tweak out some sounds off of some orchestral CD roms like Dan Dean solo strings, AO, etc. and create a more experimental-strange sound. Can someone please tell me some things I can do to the sounds to tweak them out?
    I have tried adding highpass filters (which is about the only thing I\'ve attempted) but nothing seems to change the way my sound is.
    I know I sound like a newbie, but what am I doing wrong? I load the sample into the giga editor and I select all regions, but when I apply a filter to it, nothing happens. The sound stays the same.
    Any advice on how to tweak out normal sounds to make them bizarre in the Giga editor would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Need some help with the Giga Editor

    One thing that constantly gets me, even though I know about it, is forgetting to press the \"Apply\" button after making a change. Could that be it?

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    Re: Need some help with the Giga Editor

    Hello Damon,
    on the Xsample volumes is really a lot of programing stuff.
    Especially the new CDs - sustained strings and clarinets - have all the new GigaStudio possibilities. You can change the sound just >a little bit< up to >never realizing this was the instrument< (about 40 mono and 40 stereo presets for each instrument!).


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    Re: Need some help with the Giga Editor

    Probably the best approach for coming up with sounds, which are different, strange, weird, etc., is to record your sampled instrument of choice onto a mono track or stereo tracks in an auido recording program and insert some quality plugins on those tracks which are designed to modify the characteristics of those recorded instruments.

    There are many such plugins available. I am not personally familiar with many of these plugins, but Waves has several such plugins, such as Enigma, Dopler, Mondo Mod, etc. From what I understand, there are other companies who provide similar plugins which are also very good as well, and they all have their own special character for modifying audio. You can insert several of these audio altering plugins on your audio tracks and really come up with some very unique sounds.
    This type of sound processing would be much more versitile, dramatic, and much easier than trying to tweak sounds in the Giga editor. You can tweak around with an infinite number of settings and combinations of different plugins in real time, doing it with these special plugins.

    The Giga Editor does a very good job for what it is intended to do, but I do not believe it was designed to do major and dramatic character alterations of sampled instruments.

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    Re: Need some help with the Giga Editor


    Are you hitting the editor download button after you hit the apply button?
    Are you downloading to the same channel in Giga that you\'re playing? (ie you need to make sure that you\'re not listening to a sound in Gigastudio which is on one particular channel, while your edited version is on another - in which case you can do all the editing in the world but still be hearing the unedited Gigastudio version)

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    Re: Need some help with the Giga Editor


    If you edit directly on the regions (pulling the blue lines up/down), by selecting the ex. filter display on the regions you can audition while making the changes.


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    Re: Need some help with the Giga Editor

    Thanks for all of your input guys. I have been hitting the \'apply\' button also. I will try what you said Chadwick and Thomas.
    I just really wish there was a way we could use directx plugins with Giga somehow without it being to much of a resource hog. I would love to use some of those weird Waves plugins like Enigma, Metaflanger, etc. and tweak some sounds out realtime instead of having to capture to audio all the time.

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