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Topic: Snare drums Demo

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    Snare drums Demo

    Ok, here it is...my first shot a voice over work! And yes, it\'s REAL bad but hey, I was the only person here all day so your stuck with me on this one.

    The file is rather large but I just refuse to encode in .mp3 unless its at a high rate (256).

    All of the drums have been recorded and three of them have been programmed already. So the release date will actually be a lot sooner than I first thought....end of July maybe?

    Anyway, the drums you hear on the demo are: 7 x 14 Maple Gladstone, 3 x 13 Black Beauty, and a 6 1/2 x 14 Maple Pearl. There are 9 more drums in the collection including several vintage 1920\'s and 30\'s Black Beauties.



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    Re: Snare drums Demo

    I just finished four more of the drums today so I might be able to get another \"playing only\" demo up tonight...


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    Re: Snare drums Demo

    Ok, here\'s a demo I just did with 8 of the snare drums. At the end it\'s all 8 playing. Hows that for \"ensemble\" snares!!!


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    Re: Snare drums Demo

    You\'re a crazy man and you need a day off!


    Yet again, another winner from DSSOUNDWARE!!!

    Francis Belardino
    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.

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    Re: Snare drums Demo

    Donnie your website seems to be down. Haven\'t been able to get the demos or get on the page for the last day. Do you have your libraries on sale on your page like Nemesys have on theirs? Because I\'d rather order directly from you than from Nemesys....

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    Re: Snare drums Demo

    Your site works again So I just found out that I can only order Ultimate Timp and your other Ultimate libs from Nemesys, and have to order your marching library directly from you....uhm yes that will REALLY save me some money having to pay 2xUPS international delivery... ARGHHHHH.... besides Nemesys uses a non-secure server and I don\'t know anything about their delivery, how fast and reliable etc.... Have you sold your soul to Nemesys so you can only buy directly from them??

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    Re: Snare drums Demo


    You should be able to order everything from our site sometime this week. We have been trying for some time to get things worked out where we can sell our \"Christian/Lane\" titles ourselves but this should be resolved this week. I completely understand your situation. Starting with this library all of our titles will be in multiple formats also.


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    Re: Snare drums Demo

    Oh, I forgot to mention the demo is straight midi. No eq, no compression, no reverb. I didn\'t even use any midi controllers. Everything is just played into GS. That may not seem like such a big deal but how many other libraries would put up a \"non sweatned\" demo?


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