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Topic: Whose got the Beat?

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    Whose got the Beat?

    Anyone have experience with Topaz drum kits. I\'ve downloaded all the demos on Biggas Giggas...some believeable others a bit fake sounding.

    Anyone actually having bought them, have an opinion?

    I\'ve been using Session Drums and Brush Drums from Sonic Implants for the last few years. How does Topaz compare with these?

    Donnie and Sean are you still coming out with your kits?

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    Re: Whose got the Beat?

    Yes we are! We\'ve been finishing up a couple of other projects but those are about finished now. We are actually going to beging recording sometime next week.


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    Re: Whose got the Beat?

    Nice to hear Donnie. i won\'t consider Topaz drums then. i\'ll just wait for your reliable creation.
    Still hope you can break the kits up and the cymbal sets into individual CD\'s

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    Re: Whose got the Beat?

    Topaz Studio Kit vs Pure Drums. Any comments before I order? Thanks....

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