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Topic: drum sf2's - .gig

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    drum sf2\'s - .gig

    Gday guys .wonder if someone could help me with sf2. I am having big problems converting
    drum sf2\'s into .gig format. The process seems easy but when i load a drum kit into my GIGAstudio every instrument has a huge amount of delay and echo on it. All other sf2\'s seem fine . Dows any one know what i have to do to play these Kits as normal?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: drum sf2\'s - .gig

    Chances are Gigastudio is playing these drum sounds as though they\'re supposed to be looped, and that\'s why you hear a \'delay\' or \'echo\' - it\'s actually the drum sound going around and around.

    Try pulling up the converted SF, selecting all regions, and going to the tab marked sampler and unchecking the loop \'enable\' box.
    Then resave the instrument.

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