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Topic: northern sounds in business?

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    Re: northern sounds in business?


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    Re: northern sounds in business?

    Doesn\'t sound good. I wonder what will happen to this board...

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    Re: northern sounds in business?

    I wouldn\'t worry too much - the banners are all new.

    But it is a scary thought... if NS went down.


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    Re: northern sounds in business?

    Maybe someone at nemesys could do something about it. Many posts = visibility.

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    Re: northern sounds in business?

    Dont wory about a gigasampler forum. If this one goes down, I can provide a alternative on my server... Right now im preparing a forum for film music composers with a section on gigasampler in german (sorry, there are a couple of people out there with limited english - like me old swiss). If you want to help me testing, go to www.fmf.gs and give it a try. Since this is a noncomercial operation, any participation (moderators etc.) and suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: northern sounds in business?

    We\'re still here. Very strange Duncan and
    Nick, i\'ve been answering the phone all day. Someone called and let us know about this post. I personally havn\'t seen your emails but i\'m sure someone here has or will reply to it. The nsounds address is bombarded by hundreds of spam emails everyday it takes a while to sift through.

    Duncan just found out some info in regards to your product. We had someone here try to contact you over the past weeks but the phone number you gave keeps ringing no answer.

    You can try our phone number again (905) 544-2941 maybe there was network problem when you phoned. you can also resend your email to my personal address papa@northernsounds.com

    There will also be an attempt to contact you again.

    If anyone else is having problems contacting us by email check to see if the address is correct nsounds@northernsounds.com sometimes typo errors occur like the \"s\" on nsounds or other typo errors.

    take care

    PaPa Chalk

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    northern sounds in business?

    I purchased Dan Dean solo strings online back in April but haven\'t received it yet.(I thought Hamilton to Toronto wouldn\'t take so long) I haven\'t gotten any replies from emails to nsounds@northernsounds.com.
    Also, I noticed that the phone number for the store listed on this website is no longer in service.

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    Re: northern sounds in business?

    Ok, well I did get a call last night and all is well. I guess they were calling my home number during the day, which explains why they didn\'t get anyone( we don\'t have an answering machine ). I would suggest that they reply to emails from customers in a more prompt fashion, however, and reply to email by email, not phone. Even a semi-automated \"We are looking at your problem and will update you within the next week\" email would be reassuring.

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