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Topic: Now Lets Hear 'Em

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    Now Lets Hear \'Em

    Well, I think it\'s safe to say that the are truly some fine libraries and individual sampled intruments out there now, and I\'ve finally put enough serious money together to actually afford just about any 8 of the libraries that I want, including the Miroslav, which ironically, I don\'t think I want that much of now. I\'m trying to hold out for GigaStrings and a few others, but for the moment, I was really wanting to hear what the composers here have really done with the samples they have. All too often I\'ll go to listen to compositions demoing the products, and the constraints of having to force SO much variety into one demo typically yeilds poor compositions. I want to hear real artistic endeavors utilizing these various libraries that we\'re talking about so much, because I believe that for the most part, the user created peices will show me and others much more acuratley the possibilities and in some cases limitations of the various libraries. So, would everyone please list here the various links to their works, and just list which sample libraries or combinations they used to make em? The more we get listed here the merrier as far as I\'m concerned. It\'ll help me finalize my desicions, help others to do the same, and in and of itself be like a performance showcase for all of our own entertainment. This should be fun... Lets get the concert started, list away plz if ya can!

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    Re: Now Lets Hear \'Em

    What is your email? I can send you a sample that I have.

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    Re: Now Lets Hear \'Em

    Have you listend to the user demos on this site? (link at top of screen)

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    Re: Now Lets Hear \'Em

    OK, I hope this is the kind of thing you are looking for. Here are a few links to original works and works by the famous and not so famous guys, all done with Advanced Orchestra + Proteus 2 and Roland M-OC1:


    R Cox, Orchestral Suite. http://www.mp3.com/stations/richard_cox_orch_suite

    The third and fifth movement are most effective, I think.

    R Cox, Dance Suite

    Jazzy stuff.

    Works by Arthur Sullivan - a theatre-pit orchestra sound

    The Yeomen of the Guard overture is the best, I think.


    Louis Spohr Double Quartet - illustrating my humble efforts with AO solo strings.



    Richard Cox http://www.mp3.com/SymphoniaX

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    Re: Now Lets Hear \'Em

    Very nice start. rpldcox, I\'ve actually heard your stuff b4 while I was browsing around. There\'s alot of pretty nice stuff goin on in there, thnx. Hopefully there\'ll be more posted over the next few days - I\'m looking forward to hearing as much as possible. Don\'t forget to list the libraries used in the creation - that\'s going to be a really useful part of these posts.

    My common email address is michaelangelo450@hotmail.com

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    Re: Now Lets Hear \'Em

    Commercial break: http://www.melomaniac.dk

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    Re: Now Lets Hear \'Em

    Gulliver and Simon Ravn,
    EXCELLENT pieces showing off the samples. Those Miroslav/Ultimate String combination sound great. I use Mirosalv Strings all the time (in combination with Kirk Hunter) and they always sound very realistic tone. Again, very impressive realism and emotion. I wish I could get my mixes to sound that good and spacious.

    Mahlon Bouldin

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    Re: Now Lets Hear \'Em

    I think I still have some tracks in my briefcase @ http://briefcase.yahoo.com/fjuma
    Most of the stuff on there is a bit old and I created the tracks to experiment with different orchestrations. Also the samples used on those tracks are for the most part from the semi-old libraries such as Ultimate Strings and Miroslav.

    F. Juma.

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    Re: Now Lets Hear \'Em

    http://www.mp3.com/BillClark - the sample libraries I used are listed there (except for the Piano Sonata, which uses the Boesendorfer).

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    Re: Now Lets Hear \'Em

    Ursatz, your compositions are great! I especially like Synergy and the Piano Sonata. It´s fantastic to hear a piece of music, not a demo.

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