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Topic: New sounds....

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    New sounds....

    Here is something I don\'t understand.
    Right now we have a sampler that can deliver to us what we never thought possible, in terms of \"realistic\" recreations of instruments. Is anyone using this to create new sounds/instruments? I am not just talking a new synth pad for dance music, but a sound that can stand on its own and will entice people to use it in their own music. The technology is here, I think it\'s time to make more innovative use of it. I was speaking to Suzanne Ciani last year and she mentioned one of the reasons she left the synth world was because the direction synths and samplers were taking, i.e. focusing more on recreating actual instruments instead of using the technology to create new ones.
    Has anyone thought about this? I\'m just in one of those pondering moods....

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    Re: New sounds....

    I haven\'t really delved into the Giga editor to much, but I think there is only so much you can do to really alter a sounds waveform that is already premade on a CD Rom.
    I have been wanting to create my own synth type sounds lately (ambient pads mostly) but I don\'t know how to do this with Giga.
    I have made alot of demos that I am proud of using great solo string samples and such from the many fine libraries that are out there but I want to create my \"own\" sound now because everytime I turn on the TV or go to the movies I hear sounds from Distorted Reality 2, Symphony of Voices, and other libraries that I use alot.
    Sometimes I think having to many premade sounds can actually be a problem when one is trying to find his or her \"own\" sound which really distinguishes us all from sounding alike.
    Don\'t get me wrong I love all of the great libraries out there, but I guess I need to go out and buy a Roland JP8000 and start really creating my own sounds as well.

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    Re: New sounds....

    Hello. In reply: one of the first things I did after getting my GS up and running was to create 2 new instruments - blowing across the top of a wine bottle, and pinging a sauce pan partially filled with swirling water. Why did I do it? Why does a dog lick his balls? And so far, I have not used either instrument in a composition. Have fun. jmp

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    Re: New sounds....


    The new `instrument` which you are talking about cannot be made yet. Why? Because there is a difference between a responsive instrument and a 160 voice tape player. What\'s the difference?... midi.

    In the rush to pack 50GB Piano samples into our computers, Developers have neatly type-cast `midi devices` as more suitable for dance music, whereas the glorious GigaStudio is the god of instrument recreation. This is a falacy.....

    Velocity is an important integral part of midi and helps to turn a simple recording into a more responsive instrument. Aftertouch, which I still haven\'t been able to get working in GigaStudio, is another important midi element which helps instruments to gain more expressivity. Velocity, Pitch, and Aftertouch all come straight out of a keyboard. Without them our instruments would sound dead.
    But portamento and its friend legato mode are two more things which can come out of the keyboard to bring an instrument to life and they are not implemented in GigaStudio. So that slide Guitar won\'t slide and those Flutes will always have a blown attack on them. But not a word from the developing community urging to see these implemented.

    If, like me, you then buy a midi slider unit you will see the expressive possibilities of your instruments soar. You have access to 127 different controllers to be able to push your instrument around with, to make it soar, to make it waver, and to help it to sing out with emotional responsiveness.
    This is what seperates a true instrument from just a well recorded sample. But midi implementation in GigaStudio is poor (see the wish list). Ideally all 127 controllers should be available to `express` any attribute of a sound. And there should be more attributes!

    Developers have gone so trigger happy with recording huge libraries to be played back through GigaStudio that they have failed to see how their libraries would benefit in expressivity through greater midi implementation. This has been an unfortunate oversight because they, as developers, have far more pressure to apply to Nemesys to see the product develop to fit their needs. As such developers have a greater responsibility to the Giga community as a whole. So long as they\'re happy producing instruments which are big but unresponsive then Nemesys will be moving like a snail.
    The contents change the shape of the bag.

    In writing this thred I have realised another midi addition which would add greater expressivity to GigaStudio... I shall add it to the wish list.

    Praying and willing to pay for a great leap forward in GigaStudio v3.

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    Re: New sounds....

    I really agree with gigadiga about the (lack of) responsiveness in the current version of GigaStudio. For example, the ability to easily and properly map velocity across the layers of piano samples seems to really be lacking.

    Here is a \"newbie\" question. Should incoming MIDI velocity increase the perceived output volume within a sampled velocity? - OR - does change in output volume only increase when velocity triggers the next (i.e. higher volume sample) in the mapping (speaking here of the Instrument editor).

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    Re: New sounds....

    Hey Bbowman,

    I believe Giga V2.2 will have user definable velocity curves, which should solve your response worries.

    Sounds in Giga will respond to velocity depending on how you edit them. By default a single sample assigned to a region will respond to the whole range. Layer a second sample into the top half of the velocity range (64-127) and the first sound will repond as normal up to 63 and then the second sound takes over at 64, responding at that level.

    If you don\'t want any velocity dependent change in a sample\'s output until you reach a layer switch point, you can programme the sample to NOT respond to velocity at all, in which case you will hear a sound with no change in output level until you increase velocity to the point at which the next velocity switched layer was designed to come in.

    Hope this makes sense

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    Re: New sounds....

    Hi Gigadiga,

    you wrote:

    \"Developers have gone so trigger happy with recording huge libraries to be played back through GigaStudio that they have failed to see how their libraries would benefit in expressivity through greater midi implementation.\"

    You are wrong about this - we constantly ask NemeSys for better midi/expression too.


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    Re: New sounds....


    Thank you, thank you, thank you. There is so little discussion on this forum regarding the way our samples actually work. Several times, in topics where it seemed appropriate, I submitted posts in this direction but got practically no reaction.

    Sometimes I feel I am the only one longing for sampler and samples with a bit more natural behavior. I recently posted wish to the wish list which might be quite radical but I think it would be a great step forward: I wish we could, where appropriate, get rid of the velocity and control all the parameters only with Continuous Controllers.

    And back to the topic, I think that GigaStudio as a sampler is basically intended for playing back recorded existing sounds. There are other products much more suitable for creating new sounds, namely synthesisers in all the various forms: analogue, FM, additive or virtual. They might be associated mainly with modern enterntainment music but there is really no reason why they couldn\'t be equally good for classical music. In fact I find many of synths much more musical and playable then our beloved Giga (peace, I like GSt anyway, it offers many possibilities unseen anywhere else!).


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