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Topic: Work in Progress - Double Bass Sonata

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    Work in Progress - Double Bass Sonata

    This is a piece I've been planning for the last year. It's the final work in my "sonatas for strings" project.

    I've had a very difficult last 6 months, health-wise and professionally. It's good now to be able to once more compose and feel productive.

    This is the first half of the sonata, which is technically in a single-movement form. In this first half, we get the introduction, the "sonata allegro", followed by the scherzo. It's not very long, a tad under 5 minutes for this part. The entire sonata won't be much longer than 10 minutes.

    Now, the piano is from GPO, and it's being played through Finale 2011.

    Please let me know if I should remove it, however, as the contrabass solo is NOT a Garritan product.

    I HOPE that the upcoming Garritan string library will give us this quality of sound.

    I'm including the score, as the opening section might confuse upon first listening! LOL

    The recording:

    And the score:

    Only after having finished this entire section did I realize I had plagiarized myself! The large part of the main theme is the very same melodic outline as the 2nd movement of my Divertimento for 3 trombones and orchestra. The harmony is completely different, but the melodic outline remains the same. It's always weird when you realize you've copied yourself!

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    Re: Work in Progress - Double Bass Sonata

    Just an fyi,

    I had to download the files to look and listen rather than clicking on the link and letting my browser open a new tab or window. It took seconds to download, but the mp3 never loaded in my browser.

    Anyway on to the reason we're all here

    Brilliant piece. Beautifully engraved. Loved the interplay between the piano and solo instrument. It had a Bartok sound to it. Don't get me wrong, it still had your style, but maybe a bit of a departure from your usual style? Maybe? Anyway it was very enjoyable to listen to and probably very rewarding to play I would think.

    I appreciate you posting the score. While not necessary it is helpful. It's always nice to "get inside" the mind of the composer a bit. At least get a glimpse

    Thanks again,
    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Work in Progress - Double Bass Sonata

    Thank-you, Steve.
    I've made some major modifications to the first half, as this is a "work in progress", it's bound to see a few major changes over the nest weeks or months. I guess it will depend on how fast I finish it. I'm not a very fast worker.

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    Re: Work in Progress - Double Bass Sonata

    Michel, this is quite stunning... and deeply moving,
    for me. There is, as ever, the sense of opulence
    in your writing -- both intellectually ravishing and
    emotively captivating all at once.

    I shall indeed look forward to hearing this progress.

    Bravo, my friend, Bravo!

    With deep admiration,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Work in Progress - Double Bass Sonata

    Thank-you David.

    Believe it or not, I often think "WWDSD" when writing.
    With time, with age, I find that I am more and more attracted to the more consonant side of my creative output. Yet part of me still feels the call of dissonance. I fear that I shall never fully embrace the "dark side", no matter how much I study it. But I make small attempts. As in this piece.

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    Re: Work in Progress - Double Bass Sonata

    Michel -

    You, along with several other composers found on this bulletin board, are one of my favorite composers. I thoroughly enjoyed the listen, Michel. I love this style of composition. It is one of my favorite genres of music. To my most humble ears, you are a master in writing it.

    When I'm visiting this bulletin board, which admittedly is sporadic, I'll seek out your music and, hopefully, witness this "work in progress". . . progress to your liking.

    Thank you, Michel, for sharing your talent and your music. . .


    P. S. I love the fact that you chose to showcase the double bass! I just think its a great sounding instrument. It seems to be underutilized as a choice for being a solo instrument by composers. Glad you chose to make it sing!
    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Work in Progress - Double Bass Sonata

    Fantastic. What great harmonies, what subtlety, and such wonderful use of different techniques on the bass. Very energetic, consistent, with some emotional outbursts. It is indeed rich and interesting, and so clear, yet precisely detailed in its conception. Big ovation.

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    Re: Work in Progress - Double Bass Sonata

    Thank-you both, Ted and Theo.

    I'm happy to be able to add to the contrabass repertoire, I certainly hope it will be a work worthy of attention.

    This is the final work in my series of sonatas for strings. Once it is finished, I get to move on to new projects.... sonatas for woodwinds! LOL

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    Re: Work in Progress - Double Bass Sonata

    Hi Michel,

    I listened a couple of times last week but I'm just getting around to comments. So far I liked this work best of your string sonata series. It may have to do with my tastes always gravitating to the lower-register instruments in an ensemble, regardless of genre. I also loved the harmony of this one. (Ending was great too!).

    I'm most at home in a jazz setting, but this piece bridged pretty far in my direction. I feel this way because of your harmony, and, (IMO) the fact that the double bass bridges the classical/jazz idioms more than any other instrument.

    Very nice music. And great of you to share your score; I hope to learn something from studying it.



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