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Topic: new vrsound GS mp3 demos

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    new vrsound GS mp3 demos


    vrsound is developing lots of new GS data!
    here\'s some short mp3 previews of what\'s to come!

    any ?Q? email me at

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    Re: new vrsound GS mp3 demos

    So here\'s what I do:
    I rent Sony Studios, Santa Monica, California for one week at $ 3200/day. I sample some of the baddest cats on the LA music scene using some of the best sounding rooms in the biz. I use an $18k binaural head into vintage Neve preamps (40kHzBW) into a Radar 24 at 96k 24bit.
    And it is fun, and even in stereo! Ja,

    I believe that not one single musical instrument, including guitar amps, was ever made to be \"heard\" by a single diaphragm pointed at a sound source. All acoustic instruments in existence were created with and for human hearing within an acoustic space.

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    Re: new vrsound GS mp3 demos

    and more new demos...... http://www.vrsound.com/index2.html


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