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Topic: Rare Instruments

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    Rare Instruments


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    Re: Rare Instruments

    I got my copy of Rare Instruments yesterday. The Scottish bagpipes are excellent. They are nice and loud. I re-recorded a short work using them along with the hurdy-gurdy drones. There is some nice stuff in this library. I have a question now. After reading about the licene agreement, it talks about using the sounds in original music. Does this mean that I may not use the sounds in opera and musical theatre? The Scottisch bag-pipe would be great in Brigadoon.

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    Re: Rare Instruments

    It\'s probably just a clause that means you can only use the samples as part of a musical composition, and that you can\'t create your own sample collection with it and resell it.

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    Re: Rare Instruments

    Killerbong is exactly right about the licence agreement. You can do pretty much anything with the samples in a musical context.

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