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Topic: D6 & Steinway D

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    D6 & Steinway D

    Anyone tried the Hohner D6 and Post Piano Suite from Biggagigga?

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    Re: D6 & Steinway D

    I have the piano, for my taste I will say it\'s good but not great. There is much goodness to it but also some niggling flaws that disrupt my experience, ie a few samples that click like they were not edited well, a few non-realistic sounding attacks, some notes have an odd phased sound that make me wonder, is that the mic or the mic position or some sample processing that doesn\'t work in my environment. If I loved the samples more I think I could edit the gig and improve my experience, but I\'ve got others I like more.

    But it can sound good and has a good number of program variations that play nicely. There\'s another thread going on here about how subjective our piano opinions are, so as always your mileage may vary.

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    Re: D6 & Steinway D

    Hi Sam,
    sorry to hear you found samples that were unsatisfying for you. You must have had the uncorrected version, as the artifacts you described are no longer present in the current version.
    To give a more complete view on the library I would like to point at a recent review of the PostPianoSuite. To read the full review, check out: http://www.soniccontrol.com/tech/midi/articles/samplecds/postpianosuite.shtml

    Michiel POst

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