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Topic: Worra will return.....

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    Worra will return.....


    I suppose many of you are a bit curious on what\'s going on with Worra\'s Place. As you might know, the problem is bandwidth! The site is simply to populare.... I\'ve tried several solutions, but none been 100% great.
    What I try to do now is to negotiate with my normal webprovider to buy me some extra bandwidth so that I can put up direct links from my own server. This will probable mean that the downloads will not be availible during a whole month since I have to shut it off when the limit is reached. I try to go for around 20-25Gb/month and see how long it lasts. Ok, bare with me a while longer, and I\'ll try to get those free gigs up again!


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    Re: Worra will return.....

    Hey Worra, take a look at http://www.hostsearch.com for a searchable database of web host providers. I found some extremely cheap plans with unlimited bandwidth. Most of those plans are on servers in the UK, but since your Gigasamples page is already on webpuppy.co.uk, that probably doesn\'t matter. One provider is offering unlimited space and bandwidth for $15/yr (dellz.com). Don\'t know how legit a company they are, but for $15, it\'s worth a shot.

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    Re: Worra will return.....

    Hehe, I would be *very* interested in seeing what these providers make of Worra\'s traffic! Given that no provider is really in a position to provide unlimited bandwidth.

    Maybe worra could make some $$ by sueing them for reneging on advertised claims, and use this to pay for some extra BW.

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