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Topic: Marimba and Vibes Free Update

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    Marimba and Vibes Free Update

    One of the great things about gigastudio that we really enjoy is being able to update files via articulation (.art) files. As new features are added to the editor we are able to make changes to our files and then post these .art files for you to download. This ensures you the user that you will also have “up to date” versions of our instruments without having to buy upgrades of the same product. We will continue to provide these free updates as often as we can. Sometimes they are to fix things but most of the time as in the case of the marimba and vibes it’s just to add some cool new features of the new editor.

    Hope you enjoy!!

    These will be availible for free on our web site tom.

    Vib Full (Sl, Med, Fst) Mt: these patches are now key switchable between motor on and off (C2-C#2). The mod wheel now controls in real time making this file much more fun to play.

    Added seperate F, MF, and P patches: Not only is this a great memory saver but it also allowed us to program 8 motor speeds accessable via key switching (C2-G2). Again the mod wheel controls the motor in real time with each speed. We also programmed a low pass filter to help with the “intensity” of the notes since they are just one velocity.

    Vib Sus Mute Mod: Now has one level of motor speed accessed via key switching (C2-C#2). The Mod wheel 1/2-Full up accesses the pedal up .wav’s while the mod wheel 1/4 of the way up accesses the motor with the C#2 on.

    Vib Sus: Now has 3 motor speeds accessed via keyswitching (C2-D#2) with the mod wheel controlling it in real time.

    Vib CRAZY: Just a fun patch running the whole length of the keyboard (well out of the normal range of the instrument). Just play with the mod wheel on this one. Great for effects!!


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    Re: Marimba and Vibes Free Update

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Sean just updated the page and added a more informative \"Help\" section. Here you will be able to find the .art files mentioned above as well as a \"user guide\" of how/when to use the instruments for all our nonpercussionist freinds!


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