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Topic: Convert Giga samples to Akai or .wav???

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    Convert Giga samples to Akai or .wav???

    Does anybody know of any software that will convert Giga-format samples to Akai or .wav formats?

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    Re: Convert Giga samples to Akai or .wav???

    The samples for Giga are already in .wav format - they\'re just not in an obviously accessable location.

    Just open up the instrument in the GS editor and you can export the wav files to any folder you like.

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    Re: Convert Giga samples to Akai or .wav???

    Could you please enlighten me a bit further? I don\'t understand. I open the instruments up in the GS Editor, and they still say .gig or .data or something. I want to export them as .wav\'s to Acid 3.0 - how would I do that?

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    Re: Convert Giga samples to Akai or .wav???

    Hey Mark,

    Try this:

    1. Open the instrument in the editor.

    2. On the left below the instrument pane whould be the samples pane. If it\'s not, try grabbing the edge of the window at the bottom (where it says \'for help press f1\')

    3. If you only see a folder, click on the + sign next to the folder and it should spill its guts into the pane.

    4. The files that are now showing, with a red triangle wave icon preceding them, are wav files. When you export these they will have a .wav extension. One oddity is that in the GSeditor you see a sample name something like \'Ac_Bass_C1\' but when you export, the files name is shown as \'Ac_Bass_C1data.wav\'. Don\'t know where the \'data\' tag comes from.

    5. The files in the sample pane will respond to selection/deselection in a pretty normal windows explorer fashion, so select any sample or group of samples that you want to edit.

    6. Right click on the sample/s and choose the \'export\' option. If you just want to edit a single .wav, you can choose edit audio instead. (more about that later).

    7. Having chosen the Export option, you should be presented with another window. If you chose a group of samples, Windows asks you to navigate to your desired destination folder. If you chose a single sample, windows presents you with the familiar \'save as\' dialogue box.

    8. Decide where you want to go today (!?) and hit OK. Your samples should all be in the destination folder.

    9. Go to the folder and if you choose \'details\' in the view menu you\'ll see that each sample has a .wav extension. You can edit the wav with any appropriate editor, which brings me to:

    Choosing a default sample editor from within the GS editor:

    1. From the editor main page choose:
    Edit>Preferences and click on the directory browse button to the right of the Audio Editor directory box (unless you want to just type the executable\'s location in directly).

    2. Hit OK

    3. Now when you right click on a sample in GSedit and choose \'edit audio\', your sample editor will be run and the sample loaded into it.

    Hope this helps - I don\'t have Acid 3, so I can\'t be more specific, but it should just treat the samples like any other wav file.

    Best o\' luck

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    Re: Convert Giga samples to Akai or .wav???

    OK, great. Got it! Thanks.

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