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Topic: GPO4 ignoring midi velocity info?

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    GPO4 ignoring midi velocity info?


    I'm a new user to GPO4 and I want to use it, basically, to produce higher quality audio output than the Finale default. I'm using Printmusic 2011 and a Macbook Pro on Snow Leopard.

    My biggest problem right now is that when "save as" a .mid from Finale it seems like Aria is only picking up on the velocity on the first track, though oddly this doesn't seem consistent. If I play the midi file normally through another player the dynamic differences are definitely audible. Likewise playing them in Finale with just "Finale through MIDI" they're working right. (I also have a problem when using Aria through AU where notes just drop completely, but at the moment I just want to get the "Render Offline" working since I have a deadline for these audio files.)

    So, first would anybody know why it would ignore velocity information from midi files that seem correct? Second, is my workflow the problem? I've looked online and read through the manual, but I'm still stuck. I basically want to go from composing in Finale to having a reasonable sounding audio file that I can send to someone for their approval before live musicians get involved. I'd love it if the AU stuff would work, but I can live with the normal midi for composing if I absolutely have to. However if I can't get Aria render offline to pay attention to velocity information I may have just wasted $150.

    Thanks much for any guidance!


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    Re: GPO4 ignoring midi velocity info?

    Hi again,

    I've been trying to work through this all day. I figured out that by changing the program in the midi setup to the right instruments (I'm writing for a string quartet, but I had each instrument set to "group strings" or something like that) the velocities come out. I'm still having a problem where sometimes if the same note is played more than once in a row the second instance of the note doesn't sound in GPO. In my first post my example was two eights followed by two quarters in 3/4 time and the second eight was the same pitch as the two quarters so the first quarter didn't voice most of the time. In some cases I was able to rectify this because the separate notes weren't really necessary (a problem with trying to write quickly), but in instances where they are I can't find a good work around. Occasionally it seems that adding an articulation or dynamic marking to the second note makes it voice properly. By the way I'm doing this all in AU now because the output is faster to produce and more consistent than saving as MIDI and doing the offline render in Aria stand-alone.

    Again, any hints or insight appreciated.


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    Re: GPO4 ignoring midi velocity info?

    So apparently, even though I just downloaded GPO and installed it, there were updates that fixed a ton of problems that I wasn't informed of.

    Initial tests of the latest download from the "my account/free downloads" section of the Garritan site seem to have fixed my problems. I'll keep testing, but I don't get why the initial install that I did only yesterday was broken or why there's no information that an update was available or required that fixed things. For $150 I expect more.

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    Re: GPO4 ignoring midi velocity info?

    I just wanted to say, that a lack of sleep, illness and a tight deadline probably made my last posts crankier than I intended. Now that I have GPO4 working properly it makes me very happy. It would be nice to see the updates included in the initial download and to notify users that updates are available so that they may avoid the stress that I put myself through, but the product is very worthwhile for users in my position.

    Thanks, and I'll hush now.

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