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Topic: Falling Snow

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    Re: Falling Snow

    White Christmas indeed - I don't want to shovel before the New Years... Seriously, I enjoyed both versions of this. In some ways I liked the harp quintet version better, though the orchestral version seems to my ears to be rendered a little better. It is definitely fuller.

    Listening to the orchestral version I can imagine waltzing around in the lightly falling snow... thankful that there is barely enough to cover my drive...
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Falling Snow

    Hi Jeff,

    what a lovely piece of music. I really enjoyed the melody but I think the orchestration in the first version is a bit static. It needs a few highlights.
    It definetly works better in the Harp Quintett version. Maybe you can combine both.
    But anyway, really nice work!

    All the best

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    Re: Falling Snow

    Very pretty! Nice key changes. Good job! I like it.

    Larry G. Alexander

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