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Topic: Power Chord guitar sounds?

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    Power Chord guitar sounds?

    I know it sounds ridiculous trying to get a keyboard to sound huge like Jimmy Pages guitar sound, but what guitar library out there so far comes closest to having big power chords?
    I\'ve been digging old 70s rock lately (Zeppelin, AC/DC, the Black Crowes new CD \"Lions\" kicks *** also ) and would love to get some raw power at my fingertips since I can\'t play guitar.

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    Re: Power Chord guitar sounds?

    check out the LesPaul at www.sonicimplants.com. I think they have it in Soundfont and akai.

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    Re: Power Chord guitar sounds?

    I\'ll be very interested to see what Nick can do with his clean Strat and Tele through the Revalver NFX plugin.

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    Re: Power Chord guitar sounds?

    Thanks for the input guys. I checked out the demo of the les paul rock guitar and it sounds really good. I think I could even distort it out more through some plug-ins

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