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Topic: Lite piano

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    Lite piano

    I keep trying to make a lite piano out of the steinway b. What\'s the best way? mono,cut a few samples? Any tricks?



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    Re: Lite piano

    Anyone there?

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    Re: Lite piano


    The ways I\'d look at making a lite version of a piano would be to drop staccato releases, remove the pedal down layers, go mono, cut down the number of velocity layers or use fewer regions spread wider.

    It kind of depends on the layout of the Steinway B .gig, which I don\'t know.

    Maybe you could post a bit more detail about the patch?

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    Re: Lite piano

    Hi Chadwick-ta for the reply.
    When I try to make a mono version I either get a ridiculously small file 400k or the same size as the original! I\'m obviously doing something wrong. Any chance of explaing it in idiot terms?

    Thanks mate,


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