The way I tried it is the same way I convert all midi or just playing gstudio, into an audio track.

I have M Audio Delta 2496 -
Gstudio160 is sent to digital out (3/4) and DAT is in record/pause. I select SPDIF~IN on
an armed audio track via CWP9, Vegas, Cool Edit Pro and I now have input monitor.

I launch record, play giga or start sequencer and I have made an audio track.

Here\'s my question:

This also works well with Sonar but if I use
Live Input Monitor with or without directx efx on, I get dubbled sound...

(so, I mute an output on my prob)

Now, I realize that when I strike a key on giga ...the latencey is very bad. I tried all systems/buffer settings...etc. No luck.

So is the answer WDM drivers for MAudio 2496 and Giga 2.2? Any other routing solutions?

HP 975Mhz P3 256MB 60 Gig.