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Topic: Suggestions for upgrade CD-ROM for Quantum Leap Brass

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    Suggestions for upgrade CD-ROM for Quantum Leap Brass

    Nick, if you\'re going to be doing this, I\'d like to suggest some things to add to the upgrade CD-ROM for QLB.

    1. Solo French Horn.
    2. Some more trombone sustains, for example, some jazzy sustains like in the trumpet section.
    3. Some orchestral mutes.

    That\'s about it.

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    Re: Suggestions for upgrade CD-ROM for Quantum Leap Brass

    I would also really like to see a solo French Horn, and was disappointed that it wasn\'t included in the original. It\'s still a great set, though.

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    Re: Suggestions for upgrade CD-ROM for Quantum Leap Brass

    what features will Quantum Leap Brass II have? In other words, how many dynamic layers? Will there be keyswitch patches? Will the sounds be bigger for the Gigasampler version (I hope so)?

    When do except this upgrade to be avalible?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Suggestions for upgrade CD-ROM for Quantum Leap Brass

    There will be 2 new libraries. QL Brass 2 Orchestral and QL Brass 2 Pop. I am not releasing any other info quite yet.

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    Re: Suggestions for upgrade CD-ROM for Quantum Leap Brass

    Here\'s what I\'d really like to see (and I\'m mostly interested in pop, jazz): good loud and soft nonvibrato sustains, chromatically sampled, for each solo instrument. With the saxes on the first collection, for example, there weren\'t any nonvibrato sustains. It\'s something you\'d really need if you wanted to do a trumpet-trombone-sax section along the lines of the 70s rock group Chicago. I blv the trumpet in the original set already has nonvibrato sustain samples, and perhaps the French horns (which I\'m less interested in, though they\'re quite nice). Anyway, nonvibrato sustains with at least two dynamic levels (ie p and f, mf and ff, or whatever) should be in there. It\'d be nice, too, though not absolutely necessary, if they were looped -- not to say they should be short samples, though, but rather, samples long enough to not need looping in most circumstances, but looped anyway just in case you need a really long sustain.

    Beyond that, any additional variety in attacks, and any additional playing styles, special effects, that go beyond the first set would be welcome.

    Here are some thoughts about ambience (especially for pop/jazz use): Although I would concede that the original set has a nice level of ambience, I probably would have preferred it with less ambience, or dry. Here\'s why: For one thing, you can\'t do natural-sounding pitchbends with ambient samples, because you\'re bending the reverb along with the note and it sounds weird. For jazzy, funky trombone you really need pitchbend, and it adds extra expressiveness to trumpet and sax, too. Another thing with ambient samples is it sounds odd if you tighten up the release and thereby clip off the reverb tail. Some of the staccato samples on the first set have such a long release that it\'s hard to play them fast and have them sound right.

    I certainly DON\'T want to give the impression that I\'d like to end up with a mismatched set, ie the initial samples with their reverb intact and extra add-on samples dry. The answer to this ambience issue would be to either 1)redo the whole set dry (I think you\'d end up with a more versatile library) or 2) ignore the ambience issue and try to match the additional samples to the old ones. (the more practical route, I guess).

    If you choose the latter course, please try to match them as closely as possible in terms of mic placement, etc with the first set. I find that in QLB 1 some of various sample layers of the same instrument suffer from a slight lack of cohesiveness when the instrument is played in a solo context, ie the notes don\'t all seem to be coming at me from the exact same space (this might be rather difficult for brass). In a mix it\'s not so noticeable. But even in a mix I usually track an individual QLB instrument in mono, then feed it into a stereo mix with a tad of reverb to mask what I perceive as this problem with the intial set.


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    Re: Suggestions for upgrade CD-ROM for Quantum Leap Brass

    I thought I would hang this question onto an older thread. I just purchased Quantum Leap Brass for Gigasampler. (It is not that I am a late adopter -- just always short on funds.)

    I was surprised that there is no use made of dimensions. Did I load something wrong?


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    Re: Suggestions for upgrade CD-ROM for Quantum Leap Brass

    I decided against huge patches using dimensions for QLB, because it seemed like most people wouldn\'t have enough memory to load a bunch of large instruments. I decided to use the mod wheel for some basic sample switching. I felt this kept the library more focused. QLB 2 orch and pop will use more keyswitching because these new libraries are more specific. Rare I. is a keyswitching fest, by the way.

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    Re: Suggestions for upgrade CD-ROM for Quantum Leap Brass

    What is the package of performances for that came on in the CD pack?


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    Re: Suggestions for upgrade CD-ROM for Quantum Leap Brass

    They are performance stacks created in gigasampler. A few trumpets and saxes stacked for instance. If you load one, it will have to find the gig files on your drive. It will ask you where they are, i think. I don\'t know how much use these stacks are, to be honest.

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    Re: Suggestions for upgrade CD-ROM for Quantum Leap Brass

    I would like to see:

    solo horn (orchestral)
    solo trombone (dixieland scoops and mutes)
    solo baritone horn
    and the marching band \"tuba\". Whats that called with the curly Q bell?

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