Well, it seems that what I need to do is get some choral and string sample cd\'s and use with my gigastudio, or get one of the synth plugins that people have mentioned (for now I don\'t want to go the hardware route).

But here is one last thought: When I compose, I do so either directly in cakewalk or by using my MIDI controller keyboard and recording the MIDI in cakewalk. Now granted, if I use the VST stuff I can\'t use cakewalk, but regardless of what softwre sequencer I use, will the techniques you have talked about fit in with my composing method? In other words, can I create my MIDI tracks (with the layering that you have mentioned) and have them trigger Reaktor for instance? Also, if I have gigastudio playing some of the MIDI tracks and Reaktor playing other stuff, then won\'t there be time alignment issues (i.e. giga is so damn fast, I can\'t imagine a softsynth being aligned with it).